Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A bit more creativity!

Hi everyone :)

You know the saying ‘When life hands you lemons… make lemonade’?  Well sometimes you just end up with smashed lemons!

I’ve had some heavy stuff going on for the last few days and this morning my emotions were all over the place so I had a MHD (Mental Health Day).

I spent a little while this morning working on my art journal and getting some ‘stuff’ sorted out in my head.  It took a bit of time to get my thought sorted out but I did end up in a good space again :)

Here’s my dining room table with all my art supplies on it… it was so nice and warm with the fire going and the sunlight coming in the dining room windows:1

This page was made with a ‘brick’ textured background which I painted and then painted and then painted some more to get all the crackle texture I wanted.  Then I added loads of ink… some stamping… a felt die cut and a cool bow made from the ribbon that was wrapped around my Creative Adventure goodie bag.

Here’s a closer view:2

And here it is stuck in my art journal:3 copy

After I’d done that page I decided to use my last background from Donna’s class.  I’d had a previous idea for this background but today it really ‘spoke’ to me in a completely different way so I just went with it and here’s what I ended up with:4

I’m actually really pleased with my page and it definitely did me a lot of good working in my book.  Here’s my pages in my journal… quite like how it all turned out:5

By the time I had my pages done and cleaned up all my mess I was ready to put the finishing touches on one of my layouts from Creative Adventure.  It’s been sitting waiting for the feathers and paua detail to be done and today was as good a time as any.

Here’s my finished layout:IMG_8555 copy

The ‘camera’ was made with mini file folders and loads of paper cutting and it hides the photo booth film strip taken on Friday night.  Here’s the layout again with the photo strip out so you can see it:IMG_8554

The ‘Create’ title was created with a chipboard word which we added beeswax and perfect pearls powders to.  Here’s a close-up of the title:IMG_8556

We were also given an awesome embellishment for this layout which we coloured with Picket Fence Distress Stain… I really like how it turned out:IMG_8558

Thankfully I’m in a ‘good head space’ again and ready to get back to school tomorrow.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week xx

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  1. Good to hear things are better for you now and working on your journal and layout did the trick. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


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