Friday, June 7, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hi everyone :)

It’s Friday again and quite frankly I’m ready for a bit of a rest LOL  While we might have had a ‘short’ week at school it feels like we’ve been busier than usual trying to fit everything into it!

My kids have been working hard on their ‘working noise level’ this week in the hope of securing a ‘Fun Friday’ and by yesterday afternoon they’d made great progress so today we are doing three major things… along with lots of little things and the kids can’t wait!

Here’s what we’ve got planned:

  • Watching the movie to accompany ‘The Mouse and the Motorcycle’ book.  The book is great but the movie isn’t so good… but the kids still love watching the movies!
  • Finishing off our artwork for Matariki (Maori New Year)… we’ve been doing some work with pastels and now it’s time to dye our backgrounds.
  • Baking chocolate chippie cookies… it’s part of our ‘Food Glorious Food’ theme for Term 2 plus it meant that I didn’t have to make a class set of cupcakes to have with the movie… BONUS!

By the time we’ve done all that we’ve still got to fit in finishing off our reading activities as well as school assembly but I’m sure we’ll get it all done.

After school I’ve got a meeting with another teacher to work on our reading planning (trying to work smarter instead of harder) and then we’re going out for a bite to eat with her husband… it’s going to be a full on day and I’m already looking forward to coming home and having a relaxing bath before curling up in bed with my book.

This weeks’ Feel Good Friday is dedicated to the gentle art of relaxation… week 23 - soap copy

I’m thinking I might have to go down to the craft market in the morning and pick up some new handmade soaps!

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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  1. You sure did pack a lot into a short week. Wishing you a relaxing and restful weekend. :)


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