Monday, June 3, 2013

One Little Word: May

Hi everyone :)

May was the month for words and messages… more specifically the whispers and shouts you receive from within.

Here’s what Ali Edwards’ shared: Listen. What are you saying to yourself? What are other people saying to you? Which ones do you want to hear? What are you welcome to hearing? What are you resistant to? What do you keep hearing over and over again from yourself or others?

I have been a ‘quote collector’ for a long time and I recently published a few of my favourite quotes as part of the 52 lists project here.

This time around I chose quotes that have a stronger connection to my word for 2013 ‘CHOICES’.  My OLW binder is filling up so this month I kept all my quotes to a 3 x 4 size and put four to a page… and yet I still ended up with four pages!  Here’s my May pages:

page 1 copy_1

PAGE 2 copy_1

PAGE 3 copy_1

PAGE 4 copy_1

I do spend a ridiculous amount of time selecting photos for my backgrounds and changing fonts until I’m happy with the final product… but this project really is special to me and I’ve discovered that the more I put into it the more I get out of it.

Have a great week xx


  1. Theres a few of my favourite quotes in with those. :)

  2. Your O.L.W. pages always make me want to learn Photoshop or some digital program. Beautiful.


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