Sunday, June 2, 2013

Project Life insert from Creative Escape!

Hi everyone :)

Well it is officially ‘later in the week’ and I’ve finally got the insert from Creative Escape finished.  On the first day we did Donna Downey’s class which was loads of fun… and the longest class since we started at 9am and didn’t finish until afternoon tea. 

We took LOADS of photos on our first day which was great… but on Day 2 and Day 3 we took hardly any photos at all because we were so busy DOING the classes… they moved at a pretty quick pace and you really had to concentrate to keep up with what Heidi, Teresa and Maggie wanted us to do… totally worth it!

Here’s the front of my insert – Design G for those of you who do Project Life:Front copy_1

All the participants were split into ‘colour groups’… red, pink and orange.  Mum and I were in the Orange group so we did Donna’s class for the bulk of the day and then did Heidi’s shadow box and mini album class.

During the day Mum and I were chatting with Donna and she asked me ‘what are you?’… as in what nationality am I.   In spite of the fact that I do have a small portion of Maori ancestry (from Mum’s side of the family) my colouring is from my Romany Gypsy ancestry on Dad’s side of the family.  Within seconds Donna had nicknamed Mum a ‘Maori Mama’ and the nickname stuck for the entire weekend.  It was absolutely hilarious!  When Donna signed our art books she kept the nickname and I know it’s one of Mum’s special things from the weekend.  Here’s a close up of our signed art book covers:

DSCN7272_1DSCN7273_1 In the late afternoon we participated in Heidi’s shadow box and mini album class… notice I said ‘participated’ rather than ‘completed’… mine is far from completed but I’m setting aside some time today to get a couple of the projects finished so that I can show you.

We finished classes at 6pm and had a short break before the dinner.  As were were going in we had the opportunity to have photos taken in a ‘photo booth’ which was awesome because I’ve never done that before.  We met up with Sheree (from Katikati) and got into the props box.  Sheree and I both got hats and Mum got herself a tiara and then we were into the booth.  Here’s how our photos turned out:


We actually used our photo booth strips in the layout we did with Maggie on Sunday morning.

For the rest of the evening we had dinner and then were entertained with an ‘Ellen’ show complete with our very own Ellen aka Maggie who arrived by dancing down the aisles in perfect Ellen style!  Donna, Heidi and Teresa were such good sports about the whole thing and they shared lots of little stories and anecdotes from their lives with us.

On Saturday we started off with Teresa’s travel mini album which I totally loved… the colours, the style, the papers and embellishments were all perfect for me… I’ve got a special trip happening next year so I know I’ll be keeping my album for that!

We also did Heidi’s file folder class which is such an amazing way to scrapbook… perfect for events when you really don’t want to do a mini album.  I’ve got a couple of these ideas in mind already!

Here’s the back of my insert:Back copy_1

In the afternoon we did a layout class with Teresa and again the papers were great although I changed my layout into something else and it still needs a LOT of work before I can share it!

Sheree, Mum and I headed to Sylvia Park after the classes finished at 6pm with the intention of getting some dinner and visiting a couple of shops but they actually close at 7pm and after driving around for a while looking for somewhere to eat we gave up and went back to the hotel for room service… another first for me!

On Sunday we did Maggie’s Creative Escape commemorative layout and it was awesome… again lots of techniques and well worth it!  During the class Michelle came around the classrooms to announce the winner of the ATC swap competition and Mum was shocked to be announced the winner for her ‘creativity with egg shells’!  The flower on her ATC is made with egg shells that she coloured and added clear embossing powder to so that it was sealed.  She won a great pack of goodies that she’s super pleased with!

By lunchtime we were done and ready to head back home… the whole weekend was fantastic and I know that Jodi and Michelle worked extremely hard to give us all such a memorable time.   It really was a wonderful weekend and I’m thrilled to bits that Mum decided to join me… it’s so much more special when you share experiences… plus it’s been great to ask each other questions about ‘where did I put that?’ LOL

They’ve announced that they will repeat this event again next year and Teresa’s coming back to NZ for it along with Diane Schultz & Aimee Filiomoehala of Graphic 45 and Joey Otlo of Bazzill Basics Paper… I’m definitely going to miss that event!

Happy Sunday everyone xx


  1. Wasn't it a fantastic weekend?? So lovely catching up with you again and thanks for your listening ear on Saturday night

    1. It really was a fantastic weekend Sandra and it was good to catch up with you again too :)

  2. Wow what a wonderful weekend. Definitely something worth thinking about for next year. Hmmm so are you definitely going to miss it or "not" miss it for next year. ROFL

    1. Oops! I'll definitely be going again next year!

    2. Thought that might be the case. LOL


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