Sunday, June 30, 2013

Project Life: Week 26 and the last page

Hi everyone :)

You know how sometimes you just feel good… you know, like REALLY GOOD!  Well that’s me today!

Mikayla cooked me breakfast for my birthday since she’s been busy all week… I started a new ‘top secret’ project and it’s going super smoothly… and I just feel like I’m on top of things.  It’s a good place to be :)

Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

It was super cold here on Monday morning and my poor car looked like something you might see on ‘ice road truckers’.  When I finally de-iced the windscreen and started the car the temp was –0.3 which is pretty cold for me… I’m more of a summer girl LOL

When I got home on Monday Mikayla was super excited.  She’d won a FREE carpet shampoo and ‘the man’ was coming in less than half an hour.  Not really the welcome I was hoping for!  The man duly arrived at 6.30 and of course Mikayla was so excited that she hadn’t cooked dinner yet…. but ‘the man’ didn’t leave until 9.30pm by which time I was getting pretty annoyed… especially since I’d told him that ‘Mikayla won this’ and it was nothing to do with me LOL

Here’s a closer look at the start of my week:Left_1

In New Zealand we’ve just experienced the ‘super moon’ and it was pretty spectacular!  The sky was really bright for several nights but on Tuesday morning the moon looked quite ethereal over my neighbours roof so I had to take a photo.

Mikayla has been teasing Toby by sitting on his new sheepskin bed and he’s been getting himself all wound up… it’s not much fun for Toby but it is funny watching them behave like little kids!

On Wednesday I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me following a hugely horrible experience from last Friday catching up with me.  I was all over the place and needed some time to get my head together again so I had a ‘mental health day’ and did some art journaling and I can honestly say it was the cheapest and most productive form of therapy ever!

On Thursday I felt so much better and was back at school which was just as well because it was also my birthday!

Here’s a close up of the second part of my week:Right_1

I’d been telling the kids at school for days that my birthday was coming up and on Thursday I received several bars of chocolate along with some V drinks… they know me so well :)

I also had cards from family and friends and then at morning tea time the most gorgeous flowers turned up and got everyone thinking that I had a new man in my life… some of them were actually disappointed when I told them Krystal had sent them LOL  The flowers are currently in a vase on my dining table and the perfume coming into the lounge is beautiful!  Thank you so much Krystal xx

Mum sent me a photo of the note I’d left in her diary… I’d forgotten I’d done that.  Mum always said that if it wasn’t on the shopping list or in the diary then it wouldn’t happen.  (The big present didn’t happen either… even though it was in the diary… but I did get taken out for lunch!!)  Actually every time I go to Mum’s I add things to her grocery list… chip and dip, chocolate, treats for Toby but somehow they always get crossed off before she does the groceries!

Toby was VERY interested in my dinner on Thursday night… especially with my dessert!

Toby copy_1

He’s a total drama queen when it comes to the camera and I often have to take photos of him just to get him out of the way and be able to get the photos I really want to take!

Friday was busy with our Room 4 Masterchef challenges which the kids are totally loving and tomorrow we have our class final!

Yesterday Mum came over and took me out for lunch which was lovely and then we did some shopping… actually we ended up spending the entire afternoon shopping and we had such a good time.  She helped me pick out lots of fabrics for a project I’ve had in my mind for a while (the ‘secret one’) and I’m happy to report that I’m having some success with it so I’m sure I’ll share it with you sometime soon.

This week marks the half way point in 2013 and my first album of the year is pretty full so I decided to do a final page for the back of the album before starting album number 2.  I found lots of cool quotes that I wanted to remember so I spent a bit of time putting them together with some photos and here’s what I came up with:end of album 1_1

So that’s my week and the end of album Number One!

I hope you all have a happy and safe week xx


  1. Age doesn't matter unless you are a cheese?? Love it. LOL. Love your other quotes at the end of the album and am onto album #2 today too. :)

  2. I liked your note to Mother Nature. I think Mother Nature is definitely pre-menopausal!


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