Friday, July 12, 2013

Feel Good Friday… and a school event!

Hi everyone :)

As most of you already know, we’ve been studying food and cooking in the senior school this term and a couple of weeks ago I did some ‘in class’ competitions which a couple of the other teachers ‘borrowed’ for their classes as well… which led us to have a final which happened yesterday.

What started off as a ‘simple thing’ for my class grew into something way bigger than I’d envisioned and it was amazing.

We organised special guest judges… signage… prizes… and so much more.  We had goodie bags for each of the three finalists and I probably broke a significant number of copyright laws creating an apron for part of the winners prize bag but sometimes a teacher just has to step outside the rules LOL

Here’s my contribution to the goodie bag:IMG_8828_1

Our guest judges were actually tutors from the polytech chef training course (Bart and Bryon) and they were absolutely fabulous.  They helped our three finalists… gave them some pointers and really encouraged them!  Thanks so much guys!!


Carey made each of the boys a ‘masterchef’ hat and we also found out about the ‘tradition’ of chef hats.  Did you know that a traditional chef hat has 100 pleats to represent the 100 ways to cook eggs?  Me either!  There are actually more than 100 ways to cook eggs but back when chef hats were first designed that’s how it was LOL

Here’s ‘my boy’ (Te Kaka) who came second in the competition… he wasn’t letting go of his well earned certificate either!


The boys had to make cupcakes which they were judged on for: taste, hygienic working methods, colour, texture, taste and consistency.  The judges certainly enjoyed the taste testing too:IMG_8912_1 

Then they had to ice and decorate five cupcakes that were pre-made (we knew we didn’t have time to let theirs cool down).  They did a totally amazing job… which brings me to this weeks Feel Good Friday dedicated to cupcakes!

week 28 - cupcakes copy

I’m thinking it must be time to do a bit of baking again!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xx


  1. Now I have to figure out the 100 + ways to cook eggs! (lol) scrambled, over easy, hard boiled ...????

    1. Hi Mary Lou :) Yeah Mum and I were trying to think of all the different ways too LOL


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