Sunday, July 14, 2013

Project Life: Week 28 and an insert

Hi everyone :)

I bet you thought I was a bit late today because I was already enjoying the school holidays… and I WISH you were right!  Instead I’ve been busy all weekend writing reports and have just this minute put the last full stop in place… but it’s not holiday time for me yet because I’ve got a Teacher Only Day tomorrow… totally SUCKY!

Now that I’ve had my little rant let’s get on with the week that’s just been.  Here’s an overview:Full_1

When I was putting together the pages for this week I realised how much food there was!  It seems like almost every space was filled with it!!  We spent the last week of school finishing off tasks and making bread… totally delicious and it certainly made the classroom smell fantastic!

I’ve also made the decision to put an idea I’ve had for a long time into action… after all there’s no point just talking about ideas if you don’t act on them.

Here’s a closer look at the beginning of my week:Left_1

In amongst all the cooking I’ve also managed to get a little creative… although not with my own projects!  I’ve been teaching some technique classes which are going really well and I’ve been able to incorporate some of my art journal techniques into them which is great.

I’ve also been bringing home my kids work and getting it all ready for our wall displays.  It’s very time consuming… and I sure do go through a lot of double sided tape… but the look on the kids faces when they see their work on the wall is well worth the time and effort involved.

As most of you already know, we had our Masterchef competition at school on Thursday and I got busy making an apron for the winner.  I’ve been using my sewing machine quite a bit lately and really loving it!

Here’s a look at the second part of my week:Right_1

On Thursday night our senior school team went out for dinner and it was great to have a little down time… no 'school talk’ allowed!  We had a great evening and I’m so pleased we did it!

On Friday we made more bread… as if we needed any more by then!  On Monday it was plain white bread.  On Wednesday we made two loaves… one has mixed herbs in and the other was cranberry and mixed spice.  On Friday we made walnut bread… nutty and really delicious!

Saturday was spent sitting in front of my work laptop writing reports… I did get quite a lot done on them and so I let myself have a night in front of the TV and loved watching the new ‘Blue Bloods’ last night.  Tom Selleck actually plays his role quite well :)

Mum has been busy creating and she sent my ‘in progress’ photos of her latest project.  She saw some altered shoes in one of her scrapping magazines and decided to use a pair of Richard’s old work boots to alter and here’s the results so far:


Here’s the side where she’s captured a farm scene (Richard spent several years farming).  She’s got out all her folk art paints and she’s putting them to great use!


The heel of the boot features a bull behind a fence scene… apparently faces are hard to do!


And here’s how the two scenes join up!  Mum said she’s got heaps more to do on the boot but quite frankly I’m in awe of what she has already accomplished!  Don’t you love her clean work space!  If it had been me I’d have all the paints lying around the boot and paint splatters everywhere LOL

Now for the insert!  Between Carey and myself we took over 300 photos during the Masterchef competition so I decided to do a double sided 6 x 12 collage of the event.  The front shows the boys making their cupcakes and the judges taste testing them:

Insert front copy_1

And the back features the boys icing and decorating cupcakes along with the judges and teachers getting in on the photos:

insert back copy_1

So there you have it… the final week of Term 2 and ALMOST time for me to have a much needed break.  Roll on Teacher Only Day LOL

Have a great week everyone xx


  1. Bet you are looking forward to Tuesday then and the real start of your holidays. LOL. Wow to your Mums painting, it looks fantastic. :)

  2. OMG! You have been so busy Shell!!
    Really love your new business cards! They are so "you".
    Erin's boot is looking simply awesome! Best she brings the finished item to Retreat so we can ohh and ahh over it.

  3. Good for you being brave and creating your own products - it will be successful. I really like the old boot decorated. I thought this would be such a great craft for the Harry Potter fans in my life - decorate as a portkey.


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