Friday, July 19, 2013

I’m in a happy place :)

Hi everyone :)

After I blogged this morning I got a few bits and pieces done and then the ‘lounge clean up’ bug got me!  I honestly do love it when I feel motivated to get things tidy, organised and cleaned up!

There is no way I would share the ‘before’ photos with you but let me just say that it was BAD!!  Unfortunately I’m not a ‘naturally tidy’ person… Mum is… Tracey is… and Katey kind of is… but as for me… NOPE!

I do however LIKE to have a tidy home… unfortunately Mikayla doesn’t care either way.  She’ll live in the house tidy (so long as she doesn’t have to do it!)… but she could just as easily live in one of those ‘hoarders houses’ you see on TV… in fact, that’s pretty much what her room looks like!

So as I blog I’m surrounded by nothing but tidiness…  I’ve vacuumed, I’ve dusted, I’ve polished, I’ve scrubbed and I’ve washed… and everything is beautiful :)

Here’s the proof… I know Mum and Auntie Daphne will both be very impressed… as for Toby he’s not fussed so long as he still gets treats LOL


Oops!!  Somehow I managed to miss cleaning the front of the TV… but not to panic because I’ve done it now :)

I was going to share my next art journal page with you but I might just have to save that for tomorrow xx


  1. Go you - I keep looking at my dirty windows and wishing I could see out of them. Thats my "extra" job for the holidays.

    1. I hadn't even considered doing my windows Vicki... but they really need doing too LOL

  2. looking good girlfriend! I love the grey with the warm, gold, wood tones.

    1. Thanks Roxi :) Very happy to say that it's all still spotless too!


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