Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life hit a speed wobble!

Hi everyone :)

Are you intrigued by the title of this post?  Yesterday I had just finished Teacher Only Day and quickly headed down to a local art supply store to buy some ‘essential’ purchases… and as I was walking out with my gorgeous new art supplies I got a call from Krystal.  Luckily I’ve got caller ID because to be honest I wouldn’t have known who it was otherwise because she was crying so much!

Those of you who know Krystal will know that she very rarely cries… she’s a tough cookie… but something was clearly very, very wrong!  After several lots of deep breaths she was able to tell me she’d been burgled AGAIN!  Yes it’s the second time in just six months that they’ve been burgled!  And worse still was that she’d come home and the burglar was still at her home… to say she was freaked out is a bit of an understatement and when she tearfully asked me if I could come over there was no way I was saying no to her.

By the time I arrived the police had already been and taken her statement… the landlord had been to see what she could do to help (awesome considering that Krystal and Chris only moved into their new house two weeks ago!)… and the glazier had been to fix the window.

They’ve been lucky… not too much stuff taken and they’re both ok… which is all I was worried about!

Today the police have been back:IMG_9009_1

They’ve been totally awesome!  Really supportive and they’ve kept Krystal and Chris informed every step of the way.  When they came today they took a whole lot of fingerprints and checked all over the place.

The policeman said that he should really take Chris’ fingerprints for ‘elimination purposes’ but unfortunately he’d left his stamp pad back at the station… no problem!  I had my black archival ink pad with me and the finger printing commenced with lots of laughs!


Score 1 for the scrapbookers!!! LOL

As I said earlier, I had just been to the art supply store when Krystal phoned me yesterday and this morning I went down to a cool art store in Hamilton and picked up a few more ‘essentials’ so that I could have a bit of a play and I ended up doing an art journal page which I’ve totally fallen in love with!

I started off with a stencil, texture paste and gesso to get my background.  This morning I purchased a few Golden paints and started with the paint layering:


Then I used my brand new Pan Pastels that I saw being used on Donna Downey’s blog… and OMG I’ve fallen in love with them!!!


I did lots of layers and added ‘fixative’ in between to get the look I was after.  Then it was time for a bit of charcoal pencil for shading and the final step was adding some pan pastel over a stamped image… Donna’s idea and WOW!  Love this technique!

Here’s my finished page:IMG_9022_1

I love the texture and layers… it’s quite vibrant in real life :)


And here’s my page in my art journal:


I’m super thrilled with my page… and quite frankly I’m super thrilled to have been able to ‘lose myself’ in my art for a couple of hours.

So just putting it out to the universe… can I please have no more speed wobbles please!!!  I’ve had enough and I need a break!  You never know… the ‘universe’ might just read my blog LOL

Thanks for stopping by xx


  1. Hoping the universe takes note of what you have asked. :) What a terrible thing to happen again to them. Had to LOL over your ink though and what a great story for PL. :)

    1. Definitely a great PL moment Vicki! Poor Chris was still trying to get the ink off his hands when he went to work this afternoon... hope he doesn't get told off!


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