Sunday, July 28, 2013

Project Life: Week 30

Hi everyone :)

This afternoon I’ve had a lovely time reading my book in the sunshine… but all of a sudden it’s gotten cooler and it’s definitely time to light the fire!

It’s been a busy week here filled with loads of sorting, organising, cleaning and de-cluttering… but there’s been lots of progress so that’s a good thing.

Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

On Monday Nina came over for a visit and we got ourselves set up at the dining room table for some much needed craft time together.  It’s really nice when you can get on with your own project but still have the company of a good friend as well.

While I was waiting for things to dry on my art journal page I got busy making spicy cheese and corn Texas muffins… super delicious! 

On Tuesday Toby decided that he was ‘over’ the tidy lounge and he decided to pull more stuffing out of his bed.  When he first started pulling the stuffing out I spent a LOT of time putting it all back in… but quite frankly he was enjoying the ‘game’ far more than me so now the stuffing just goes in the bin!

Here’s a closer look at the beginning of the week:Left copy_1

It was lovely to see Kate and William with their new little baby boy and I decided to put a photo in my album this week to mark the occasion.

With all the sorting, tidying and de-cluttering it was super easy to get my night class all sorted out… and miraculously I was actually all set up and ready for them before 7pm!

Just before everyone arrived Toby decided to pull even more stuffing out of his bed and make a big mess… he’s such an attention seeker!  I couldn’t resist adding this quote to his photo:

toby copy

Right now Toby is curled up on the sofa looking very sweet and innocent… but it doesn’t last long once he wakes up LOL

The second half of my week was spent doing more sorting, de-cluttering and looking at ways to organise my scrap room.  It’s not finished yet but I’m definitely on the right track at last!

On Friday another one left the nest… not Mikayla… our cat Brandy.  We adopted Brandy as a wee kitten almost ten years ago and she’s lived in relative peace until Toby came along.  For the first few months things were ok… and then it was summer and things were still ok… but this winter Toby has taken a dislike to Brandy being in ‘his’ house.  He barks at her constantly and quite frankly it’s too jolly cold outside for her so I took her over to Krystal’s place where she can be indoors during the cold winter nights and lie in front of the gas fire and be warm and cosy.

Here’s a better view of the second half of my week:Right_1

Krystal and I did lots of errands on Friday and in between jobs we went out for lunch.  It was so nice to just stop and chat for a while.  Krystal is really good company and she’s doing so many things it’s good to catch up with her for a day.

When I came home I raced around and got dinner all sorted out before Chris and Carey (teachers I work with) arrived.  I was feeling a bit of a ‘Nigella’ when they arrived and I had a Moroccan feast ready.  It’s ages since I’ve done a lamb tagine and this one was probably the best one I’ve ever made… totally delicious with all the little sides dishes.

Toby and Mikayla quite often tease each other but when I saw Mikayla reading out some of the ‘house rules’ to him I had to laugh… thankfully I had my camera close at hand because it really did look like Toby was listening to the rules!

Which brings me back to the craft room and more organising.  I saw some cool baskets the other day and thought they ‘might’ be good for craft storage… and they totally are! 


I’ve even been busy making labels for the baskets:IMG_9244_1

This morning I was looking at the vision board I made for my One Little Word class and realised that I’d actually included a photo that was quite similar to what I’ve ended up with… just goes to show that I was on the right track after all.

The scrap room still needs a lot more work doing to it but it’s coming together really well.  I’ve even started making matching labels for my 12 x 12 drawers so when I’m done I’ll actually be able to find things really easily!

So there you have it… a very productive week and I feel like I’ve achieved heaps these school holidays.  Now I just have to get my head around the idea of heading back to work tomorrow.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead xx


  1. Love your new storage baskets and it is an ongoing process this scrappy storage. LOL. Naughty Toby, chasing poor Puss out of the house - its all his now. ROFL.

    1. Toby seems to be quite pleased with himself too LOL The only way for me to keep my scrap room spotless would be to tidy it all up and then stay out of it... but that definitely isn't going to happen :)


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