Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Little Word: July update

Hi everyone :)

Somehow the end of July came without me having said anything at all about the One Little Word prompt for this month… but as it turns out I can now share the whole thing in one go!

July title for blog copy_1

This month’s prompt involved ‘sticky notes’ and  several different options for how to go about the project.

Here’s a little bit about what Ali asked us to do:

  1. A daily/weekly visual reminder of your word.  Each time I see them it will be a signal to be more aware of how my word is currently working and what action I need to take.
  2. A specific task to identify something during your day that relates to, or was influenced by, your word. You need to make a connection _ sometimes
    that will be super easy and other times it will be more of a challenge to find something over the course of the day that shows your word working in your life.
  3. An alternative approach is to set it up simply as a reminder to GO and DO something related to your word - once a day for seven days, a month or
    some other number in between.

Originally I had planned on doing something quite specific for a week… but as July rolled on and the stress of school, reports and life in general occurred it didn’t really happen.

Thankfully I take a HUGE amount of photos for Project Life… in fact lots of my photos never actually make it into the pages but I take them anyway.

When I went back over my July photos – which are all in folders and organised by date and event – I was able to piece together a calendar of sorts.  My word for 2013 (Choices) seemed to appear in so many of my photos which just goes to show that it was the right word for me this year.

Here are my pages for my 6 x 8 album:

PAGE 1 copy_1

PAGE 2 copy_1

PAGE 3 copy_1

PAGE 4 copy_1

In spite of the fact that my specific week didn’t happen, my word ‘CHOICES’ has become such a big part of my day to day life that I’m quite often consciously aware of it… and these photos have shown me that it’s also a sub-conscious part of my day to day life as well.

So that’s my update for the One Little Word project… I’m really looking forward to receiving the August update later on tonight to see what this month is going to focus on.

Enjoy the rest of your week xx

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