Friday, August 16, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hi everyone :)

Our school family has taken a bit of a hammering this week.  One of our teachers lost her Dad on Monday which is the second staff member ‘parent’ death we’ve had in just 4 weeks… and our 4th one this year!

On Wednesday night, one of our families lost their beautiful baby daughter after not recovering from her second heart surgery.  It’s a very sad time and we’re all feeling the effects of the losses.

I was having a look around the internet and I found some beautiful statues called the ‘Angel of Grief’.  It seems that some of them are very well photographed and, personally, I found them incredibly beautiful.

Here’s my layout for the week:week 33 - angels copy

It certainly made me want to reach out to my family and tell them all how much I love them.

Wishing you a safe and happy Friday xx

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  1. A beautiful tribute. What amazing sculptures the angels are - what talent some folks have.


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