Friday, September 13, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hi everyone :)

Well it’s the end of yet another week… and this week we’ve had RAIN!  Poor Toby is over it completely!  Yesterday he snuggled onto the bed as small as he could trying to hide… but it’s a bit difficult to hide 32kg of dog LOL  Mikayla got home before me last night and he was most thankful to be back inside a warm, dry house.

Yesterday was actually REALLY wet… the rain was pouring down… and it was also the annual photo day at school.  Lots of the senior girls turned up with their hair straightened and they’d obviously spent ages in front of the mirror but by the time they got from their classrooms to the school their hair was wet and starting to frizz… it wouldn’t be so bad except that I know as a parent those photos stay around for a LONG time!

So here’s my layout dedicated to rain… and staying dry:week 37 - umbrellas copy

Wishing you all a great Friday  xx

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  1. Brody is an inside dog well and truly too. Not fussed on thunder either and would rather try and curl up on someones knee. LOL. He and Toby would make a great pair. LOL


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