Sunday, September 15, 2013

Project Life: Week 37

Hi everyone :)

Spring is in the air here in Rotorua… and the tree outside my backdoor has got some stunning blossoms on it!  Today is one of life’s ‘feel good’ days when things look really hopeful… and that’s always a good thing!

Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

This term Glenn and I have been doing a bit of class swapping.  He’s really good at sport while I would prefer spending the afternoon doing art so on alternate Monday afternoons we’ve been swapping classes.  My class are enjoying playing a variety of games outside and Glenn’s class have been doing some paintings… it’s a win win situation for everyone.

I’ve been learning lots lately too through my class reading programme.  The Detectives group have been reading all about ‘The Great Deer Debate’ and we’ve had some interesting conversations about it.  The Doctors group have been learning all about ‘Severe Weather’ which has been cool considering where learning about the environment this term. 

Here’s a close up of the start of my week:Left_1

Each year there are educational positions advertised in the NZ Education Gazette and last week one caught my eye but to be honest I didn’t think I had much chance of getting it.  However it’s stayed in the back of my mind and this week I decided to follow my own motto for 2013:

I’ve gotten to that age where my brain has gone from ‘you probably shouldn’t do that’… to… ‘what the hell, see what happens!’

So I’m taking a ‘leap of faith’ and putting myself forward for the position.  As my current Principal said to me on Thursday, “The only guarantee is that you won’t get the position if you don’t apply for it.”  Meanwhile I’ve got an application and CV to prepare before applications close in a couple of weeks.

Dad sends me ‘funny’ emails occasionally and I have to admit that I really loved his latest offering.  That dog saying his prayers is too cute for words. LOL

Here’s a close up of the second part of my week:Right_1

On Thursday we had our school photos taken and it POURED with rain!  Quite a few of the senior girls had spent a lot of time doing their hair before school on Thursday but by the time we got from our classrooms to the hall several of them were experiencing a frizzy hairdo!  Hopefully the photos won’t be too bad!!

Yesterday I met Mikayla down at the supermarket and we got all the groceries done.  I’ve noticed that we seem to be buying less but it’s actually costing more… the price of food has certainly gone up in the last few years!

Carey texted me yesterday to invite me to breakfast this morning at Third Place along with Chris from school.  It was a totally stunning morning with great views out over the lake and Ohinemutu was a hive of activity.  I even impressed myself by straying from my ‘usual’ eggs benedict and ordered ‘Fungi on Toast’… super delicious!

This weekend I also completed a new art journal page.  I actually did start off taking step by step photos but quite honestly it wasn’t turning out the way I wanted it too!  The more I did the worse it seemed to get… and it certainly didn’t look like the image I had in my head so by lunchtime yesterday I had abandoned it.  This morning when I got up I took another look at it and got totally inspired to go down a different road and I ended up with a page for my journal that I absolutely love:

art journal page_1 copy

There are so many layers to the background… texture paste, stamping, paint, ink, glimmer mist, more ink, more glimmer mist… and that’s before adding any of the embellishments on!  Some of the cogs are cut from grungepaper and some are from chipboard.  The flowers are ones I’ve had in my stash for absolutely ages and the metal pieces are some that were left over from another project I did last year.

Here’s the finished page in my art journal:IMG_0031_1 copy

I’ve got two more pages to go and then I’ll have finished off the first set of signatures in my journal.  It’s certainly going to end up being really FAT by the time I’m done with it!

So there you have it… another week in my life.  We’ve only got two weeks of school left before the end of the third term and I’ve got loads to get organised so best I be getting on with it.

I hope you all have a great week xx

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