Friday, October 18, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hi everyone :)
Well it’s Friday again which means it’s time for another Feel Good Friday. 
This week we did a WHOLE SCHOOL trip to Fairy Springs to help them celebrate Save the Kiwi week.  We weren’t the only school invited and it was a pretty awesome event.
Here’s a photo and a few details from the local paper:c2dc8767e8c1e67490502af881bb79fa42827f1c_460x231
Hundreds of school children helped celebrate Save Kiwi Week at Rainbow Springs yesterday. Photo / Stephen Parker
School children donned beaks and helped Rainbow Springs celebrate Save Kiwi Week with a special visit.
About 800 children from Horohoro School, Kaharoa School and Selwyn Primary School gathered yesterday for a celebratory photo.
The aim was to get 1250 children, one for each of the kiwi chicks that have been raised at Kiwi Encounter and released into the wild. Wild weather on Tuesday meant the visit had to be rescheduled.
Since we’ve been talking a lot about kiwi’s at school I thought it was a good idea to ‘go with the flow’ and use some beautiful kiwi images for my album and here’s the results:week 42 - kiwi My album is getting quite full now and I think it’s going to make a really nice ‘coffee table’ album to browse through.
I hope you’re all having a good week xx

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