Sunday, October 20, 2013

Project Life: Week 42

Hi everyone :)

Well another weekend is drawing to a close… but what a weekend!  Yesterday my ‘baby’ celebrated her 19th birthday.  Actually celebrated is probably too big of a word because all we really did was go out for brunch.

It’s certainly not difficult for me to recall the day she was born and, in truth, it doesn’t seem all that long ago!

Tomorrow night we will have the real celebration because Krystal is coming over to cook dinner for her sister and Grandma is coming over to join in as well… I’m looking forward to some much needed family time!

Meanwhile, His Royal Highness aka Toby has heard the work C.A.K.E. and has been hounding us for treats ever since!  Heaven help that he might actually miss out on something!

Here’s an overview of my week:Full72
As I was coming home from school on Monday I noticed ‘something’ on my back windscreen.  Turns out that one of the kids had made a ‘sand bomb’ and got me… still it could have been worse!

If you saw the Feel Good Friday this week you’ll know that my class was involved in an event at Rainbow Springs for Save the Kiwi week.  I had so many great photos that I really had to include them in this weeks pages.

The story has been in the local Daily Post and the  kids were pretty impressed with the fact that they are now ‘famous’!

Here’s a close up of the start of the week:Left72

When we arrived at Fairy Springs everyone had their hand stamped with a kiwi and since we had rather a long time to wait (20 minutes) before the photo was taken I got some of the boys to put their hands together for a photo.

We also had a class photo taken and then they added some kiwi and tuatara before printing it off for us.  The kids were pretty enthusiastic about seeing the photo but one young fellow is still wondering how come he didn’t ‘notice the kiwi right beside him’… we can’t all be rocket scientists I suppose LOL

Of course the Big Splash was the thing that most of the kids wanted to go on.  A few of the boys didn’t want to have a go so they stayed with me while the others queued and waited… and waited… and waited.  In fact they were in the queue for almost an hour before getting the 10 minute ride!  I did get some great photos of people coming down the Big Splash though!

Mikayla got the all clear to donate blood this week.  Last time her iron count was too low and she came home quite disappointed but this week it was back to normal again.

Here’s a closer look at the second part of the week:
On Thursday night I got the opportunity to go to another writing workshop… and while it’s true that all this Professional Development eats into your own time it’s also true that it makes a big difference when you get quality PD!  My kids wrote some amazing poetry on Friday and I’m looking forward to getting the wall display all organised tomorrow.

Toby is a bit ‘snaky’ with me at the moment because his bed has been moved out to the lounge.  The ‘little blighter’ keeps sneaking up onto my bed during the night and it’s not helping my back at all so now he’s sleeping in the lounge.  That being said… he’d rather sleep on the sofa than on his own bed… he’s such a *boy* sometimes!

Of course I had to include the photo of Mikayla’s birthday brunch… totally delicious way to start off her day!  That was followed by a little ‘window shopping’ at various stores.  When we saw the sign from The Dog we had to get a quick photo because I’m sure Toby would LOVE a sign like that!

I’ve spent most of today with my friend Chris from school and although we had some ‘important business’ to attend to we actually spent rather too much time talking, laughing and trawling around the internet.  But that’s what makes for a good day sometimes!

It’s actually been brilliant here today and my washing is still on the line and in the sun… and it’s 5.30pm!  Just a few weeks ago it was almost dark by this time!

Best I go and get the washing in now while I’m thinking about it!  I hope you’ve all had a great weekend xx

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