Friday, November 1, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hi Everyone :)

Yet another Friday has rolled around and this week we’ve been taking our seniors to the Aquatic Centre every day for swimming lessons.  The kids are REALLY tired at the moment but today is the last day and they’re all having their assessments done so they’re looking forward to showing off what they can do.

There’s been a huge amount of progress in just a few lessons and we’ve seen even the most reluctant swimmer becoming a lot more ‘water confident’ which is great.

Since we’ve been doing so much swimming I thought it might make a good focus for this weeks Feel Good Friday and here’s what I came up with:week 44 - animals swimming

Mikayla has also been looking at animals swimming and she couldn’t resist showing me this one:dogs-swimming-pool-1

Somehow I think that might be what Toby would look like from underwater LOL

Wishing you all a fantastic Friday xx


  1. Great images Shell! I think the otter is my favourite - just so cute!
    Have a good weekend xoxo

  2. Some of my favourites in your images too - husky, otter and tiger. Brody is not a swimmer - he likes to be able to touch the bottom. LOL

    1. Toby is definitely not a swimmer either... but he loves a warm bath LOL


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