Sunday, October 27, 2013

Project Life: Week 43

Hi everyone :)

We’ve had some ups and downs this week.  On Sunday night Krystal was rushed to hospital with an extremely high temperature, terrible headache and stomach pain.  I rushed over to be with her and I’m so pleased that I did because sometimes a Mum just needs to be with her kid.

Speed through to this weekend and Krystal has been diagnosed with glandular fever, an enlarged spleen and her liver is also enlarged.  She’s home for the weekend and it’s been good to spend time with her while she’s resting.

Here’s an overview of this week:Full On Monday Krystal came back from Hamilton with me and she cooked a dinner for Mikayla’s birthday.  Grandma came over to join us and we had a really delicious dinner followed by a delicious chocolate cake.

Toby was very happy to have Grandma over for a ‘party’ too!  That night Krystal decided to sleep on the sofa because it was more comfortable for her and Toby decided to sleep right beside her.  He kept a close eye on her throughout the night and in the morning I caught him just watching her.  He’s been really protective of her this weekend as well.

In these technology filled days computers are getting more and more common but I had to laugh when I had all three laptops set up side by side.  One is my school one and I was busy doing some work before heading into school but the other two are both mine.  I’m still working on transferring all my stuff from one computer to the other but it’s getting there.

Here’s an overview of the start of my week:Left

On Wednesday all the senior classes at school started our annual swimming programme.   It was good to see the kids getting more and more confident in the water with just one lesson.  This week we’ll be swimming every day so by the end of the week I’m sure there will be lots of improvements.

Friday was a super busy day… I was at school all day and when I got home the mini skip I’d ordered had arrived.  Krystal came home on the bus just before 5pm and then we went and got the groceries.  By 8.30pm I was tired and ready for a bath to unwind. 

Here’s a closer look at the second part of my week:Right

On Saturday morning Toby was in 7th Heaven.  Both his big sisters were snuggled up on the sofa and he parked himself right in between them for some love and attention.  He was one very happy boy!

We’ve spent most of the weekend de-cluttering and the mini skip is filling up fast!  We didn’t seem to achieve much yesterday but today has been GREAT!

While I was at Krystal’s on Monday I saw Rachel Ray on Sky TV… which is a bit of a treat in itself because I don’t have Sky TV.  Anyway, Rachel was cooking Eggplant Parmigiana and it looked so good that I decided I wanted to try it. 

The silly thing is that I’ve never even eaten Eggplant before but I’ve always thought they looked interesting in the supermarket.  Turns out the recipe is AWESOME and Krystal and I really enjoyed our dinner!

Today has been fantastic!  I spent several hours tidying my bedroom while Krystal sat in my bed ‘supervising’ me.  Just as we were nearing the end a friend turned up with a fresh crayfish so it was definitely time to stop for some lunch!

I didn’t take a ‘before’ photo of my bedroom… trust me though it was pretty cluttered!  Now it’s all fresh, clean, de-cluttered and dust free!

my bedroom copy

I’ve actually got all the bedding washed and ready to go to the launderette and I’m just waiting for the last load of washing to go through the machine so I can go down and get it all dried.  Something tells me I’m going to sleep well tonight!

So that’s been my week.  I hope you’re all enjoying Labour Weekend xx


  1. Hope that Krystal is feeling a bit better after her weekend with you. I like Rachel Ray too but isn't she on just normal TV in the late afternoons?? As for eggplant its new to me as well and have been enjoying it roasted with other veges.

  2. Hoping that Krystal is on the mend with all the Mum love and with Toby standing guard. Your bedroom looks like a restful place (now). Bedroom clutter creeps in so easily, I know!


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