Friday, November 8, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hi everyone :)

Last night I went out with a couple of my friends and we ended up sharing a ‘breads and dips’ platter… super yummy!  The bread was lovely and warm… some toasted and some not… and the dips were fantastic!  We happily shared everything on the platter while we had a couple of drinks and chatted away… but sharing food from a platter isn’t for everyone.

I decided to use my lovely platter experience as the prompt for this weeks page:week 45 - breads and dips

Quite a few years ago I was dating a lovely man and we went out for dinner.  All was going well until I ‘took’ something from his plate and ate it… he was horrified!  Apparently that is ‘not the done thing to do’… he promptly informed me that his meal was for him and mine was for me… ok I thought… no drama… I can leave his food alone.

Then we got an opportunity to go somewhere and have a platter… I wanted to see what would happen when it was something we were ‘supposed’ to share.  The platter arrived filled with the most amazing selection of breads, dips and cheeses.  He promptly picked up a little side plate and took the things he wanted to eat and left the rest of the platter alone.  I was completely dumbfounded… I’ve come from a background where we used to try each others meals when we were out so that we could see what ‘everything’ tasted like and the whole ‘not sharing’ thing was completely foreign to me.

Needless to say,  I remain a ‘sharing is caring’ type of person but I do ASK people before I simply take something off their plate!  How about you… are you a sharer?

p.s. the man is still lovely but we decided that going out for meals together isn’t much fun for either of us… he worries about going home hungry and I have to keep slapping my hand not to touch his food LOL

Wishing you a great weekend xx

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