Sunday, November 10, 2013

Project Life: Week 45

Hi everyone :)

It’s been a good week here :)  My running records (which are actually reading tests) are all done and I’ve finally uploaded all the data.  There’s HOURS of work involved and all the reading, writing and math data has to be finished by this coming Friday.  It’s going to be a busy week.

Meanwhile, here’s an overview of the week that’s just been:Full_1

Here’s the date card I made using one of the images from Feel Good Friday:date card copy

On Monday night Mikayla decided to make pancakes with banana and bacon.  It’s a family favourite and we haven’t had it in ages so it felt a bit like having comfort food.pancakes for dinner copy

This week I’ve been doing a bit of reading.  In fact I read both the second and third books from the Hunger Games trilogy and loved the writing!  I’m still surprised that I enjoyed them so much.

book 2 copy book 3 copy

I spent a bit of time this week mounting kids artwork and writing.  Sometimes I really do wish that I was happy to just staple the kids work up because it would save me so much time… but that’s just not how I am I guess.artwork copy

I have to admit that the final artwork looks pretty darn awesome hanging up in the classroom.paintings copy

On Wednesday the Sky man came and installed Sky for me.  It was actually more complicated for him than I had expected and the poor guy ended up doing some of it in the rain because he had to update the sky dish that’s been sitting idle for the last 7 years.  Since he’s been I’ve watched far too much TV!!!!  I think it’s the novelty factor of having so many shows available to me… and the My Sky means that I’ll never have to miss a favourite programme ever again!sky copy

sky dish copy

I get lots of stuff sent to my inbox… some of it’s quickly read and some of it really jumps out at me and this week I received one that falls into the latter category so I turned it into a 3x4 card for my album:remember copy

While we’re talking about quotes… I had another one that really spoke to me and a quick look on Google found me the perfect image to go with it!

stairs quote copy_1   stairs copy Aren’t those stairs impressive???

On Thursday I went out after work with Chris and Carey and we had a wonderful time relaxing after a busy day at school.  The breads and dips were perfect!breads and dips copy

Back at school on Friday I managed to get all the kids writing up on the wall.  They were really impressed to see their work mounted and printed off in poetry copy

Yesterday Mum saw a deal on Grab One that looked awesome for me… it certainly would make life a whole lot easier!grab one copy

Last night Mikayla and I didn’t feel like cooking so we decided to get pizza for dinner.  It’s actually been ages since we’ve had pizza and it made a nice change… plus I’d seen an advertisement for their new prawn, bacon and feta toppings and really wanted to try it!pizza copy

As I said earlier, I’ve spent a bit of time today uploading all the data from my reading testing.  It’s a bit time consuming so being able to do it from home certainly makes life a little easier.  It’s hard to believe how many hours those pieces of paper represent!running records copy

So that’s been my week… and from now until the end of the school year (which is really only a matter of another 5 weeks) it’s going to be crazy!

p.s. for those of you following my cryptic messages about next year I still have nothing new to report.  I’ll be sure to share any news with you as soon as I have some worth sharing! 

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead xx

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  1. Could never believe from a parents point of view just how much got crammed into those last few weeks of school let alone seeing it from a teachers point of view. No wonder you all deserve the holidays. LOL


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