Sunday, November 24, 2013

Project Life: Week 46

Hi everyone :)

With all the stuff going on around here it’s been a bit crazy and I didn’t get a chance to blog my Project Life pages from last week… but they’re ready now.

Here’s an overview of the week:FULL

My Feel Good Friday was all about food styling and I loved this photo of the cookies so I had to use it for my date card:

date card copy

On Monday’s Carey and I often go up the road from school and sit under the big shady tree to eat our lunch.  In reality we’re only 3 minutes away from school but it is so nice to get away from the chatter of children for 20 minutes!lunch

Ethan was awarded the trophy for being a good role model at school and although has wasn’t about to smile for the camera he was quite pleased with the award.

ethan award copy

My kids have done some fantastic writing this year and sometimes it’s hard to get the wall displays up as quickly as I would like to.  This one about the Big Bad Wolf has taken a while to get published and mounted but it’s all done now:big bad wolf copy

We’ve started working on a new art project… landscapes using layers and painting techniques.  The kids are really getting into it and learning a bit about perspective as well:

James art copy  makaire copy focused copy

By the time my hair appointment comes around my fringe is usually starting to annoy me so when I get my text reminder to go along for some pampering it’s very welcome:haircut copy

On Saturday I headed over to Hamilton to spend the day with Krystal.  We did a little bit of window shopping and then Toby sent me a ‘telepathic’ message about something he wanted to buy me for Christmas… he’s a good boy LOL

toby shopping copy

After we did a bit of actual window shopping, Krystal and I headed to a Mexican restaurant she wanted to try.  They had some pretty interesting food and we ordered several small plates so we could share.  Our favourite was the Quesadillas with Prawn and CACTUS!  Really delicious!

lunch with Krystal copy

We decided to have a pitcher of ‘Virgin Margaritas’ and they were so delicious!  I might have to make some for Christmas!!

margaritas copy

We had some time for a little more shopping and I found some more ‘vintage’ style Christmas decorations… I’m getting quite a good collection now:ornaments copy

After lunch we went for a walk around the man-made lake.  I was so pleased that I had my camera with me because there were some excellent photo opportunities like this pukeko heading for the water lilies:walk copy And this house which I really liked the look of:cool-house-copy

On Sunday I woke Mikayla up at noon… she’s totally NOT a morning person!  I got her to help me with the lawns and she wasn’t all that impressed.  To be honest it took a LOT longer than I thought it would… 5 hours and 3 tanks of petrol in the mower!!!  I lost count of how many catchers we emptied but I do know we flooded the motor twice!  lawns done copy

We also trimmed up all the ivy growing along the rock wall and by the time we were done we were both feeling quite pleased with ourselves. 

Of course Toby had to be involved too… and by ‘involved’ I mean barking at the mower and wheelbarrow, running off with long bits of ivy and generally ‘supervising’ what was going on:toby supervising copy

So that was my week… I’ll be back later on today with this weeks pages :)


  1. Lol at getting Mikayla onto the lawnmowing mission. Love your new ornaments. The photo of the pukeko is great too. Toby has good taste, I love that..A day out with Krystal the perfect wind down after a busy week..We must catch up sometime :)

    1. We definitely need to catch up soon Brenda! My day out with Krystal was wonderful :)


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