Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Daily: Dec 1

Hi again… gosh that’s three posts in one day!

While I was busy getting my reports done something kept dinging away in the back of my mind… turns out it was the fact that it’s the first of December which means the beginning of this years December Daily album!

If you followed my blog last year you might remember Dougal… the Dog on a Log!  I’ve had so many emails about him during the course of the year and to be honest he’s not a very good communicator while he’s away.  I haven’t received a single postcard… not one… but he tells me he will explain it all tomorrow.

At the moment Toby and Dougal are playing out in the backyard and catching up with each other.  I’ve been told it’s ‘boy stuff’ and that I can’t play with them.  So much for mother’s privileges!

Anyway here’s page one of my album:text copy_1

It was lovely to see Dougal again and I’m thrilled to have him home with us!Photo copy_1

Happy December everyone xx

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  1. Welcome back Dougal. Just been catching up on all your posts and it sure is a busy time of year for you. :)


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