Monday, December 2, 2013

December Daily: Dec 2

Hi everyone :)

Toby and Dougal stayed up all night catching up with each other.  I guess they had a lot of catching up to do really because they haven’t seen each other for eleven months.  Toby was pretty excited to hear all about Dougal’s travels although I still haven’t heard much about them myself since I’ve been at work all day.

When I got up this morning neither of the boys were in their beds so I came out to the lounge and found both of them sound asleep on the sofa.  Unfortunately Toby heard the sound of the camera starting and was awake instantly but I still think my boys look cute!

Photo copy_1

Dougal was definitely not impressed when I informed him that I was off to school so he and Toby would have to go outside… apparently that is not ‘star treatment’ by any stretch of the imagination!  He’s certainly got a long way to fall from his pedestal!!

When I pulled up in the driveway after work I could hear how excited Toby was… much, MUCH, MUCH more than normal!  It seems that Dougal knows how to get into the letterbox quite easily… he’s also improved his reading skills while he’s been away.

Today there was an invitation for me to attend a Christmas Club members night at Pak’n’Save next week and Dougal had led Toby to believe (make that told Toby directly) that they would both be attending the event.  Dougal had informed Toby all about the “fun festivities including delicious food and wine sampling, hot party deals, lucky spot prizes and giveaways galore!”

To be fair Toby was only interested in the ‘Delicious Food’ but Dougal was interested in the whole thing… including the wine tasting!  Oh I don’t think so!!!

Anyway, I let the boys know quite clearly that the invitation was for ME and that neither of them would be attending.  Honestly you’d think I’d told them they were going to get their tails cut off!  Toby just looked at Dougal with mutiny in his eyes.  One day Toby might not be quite so gullible where Dougal’s concerned.

Meanwhile, Toby has been sulking all night about missing out on the ‘delicious food’ and Dougal was gone on… and on… and on… about missing out on all his prizes!

text copy_1

So after a mere 24 hours at home I’ve already got a mutiny on my hands combined with plenty of sighs and sulking.  To be honest I’m quite looking forward to going to school tomorrow just to escape from the pair of them!


  1. After enjoying the last two day's of Dougal adventures, I am looking forward to the next 29 days of mayhem at Shell's house.

    PS - congratulations to you on the new job.

    1. Thanks Mary Lou :) Those boys are going to be trouble this year! Somehow I think December is going to be pretty full on LOL

  2. You tell a good story Shell and I'd be escaping the whining too - its bad enough when the kids get going let alone the dog. LOL


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