Friday, December 13, 2013

December Daily: Dec 12 and 13

Hi everyone :)

I’ve got a ‘double date’ post this time around! 

December 12

Yesterday was a significant day at school because it we held our Year 6 Leaving Ceremony last night.  It’s a pretty formal occasion as it’s pretty much a graduation ceremony to farewell our senior students off to intermediate schools for 2014.

Krystal actually spent most of the day with me and we got heaps done around the classroom.  We had a rehearsal for the school prize giving and the kids also found out which classes they were going to be in next year.

When school finished for the day the kids left with all their good work from the year including all their artwork and then Krystal and I headed home so that I could get ready for the ceremony.

Since Krystal was here I thought she might straighten my hair for me because she’s quite good at it.  We got the hair straightener turned on and went to get a couple of things and THEN… I heard a yelp!  Yes you guessed it… Dougal!

Dougal decided that he wanted his hair straightened too… but his fur is so short that there was nothing to be straightened.  Not to be outdone by this little fact he decided to straighten his EAR instead!

Photo copy_1

The silly boy ended up spending the rest of the night with blocks of ice on his ear and whining that his ear was sore… honestly… what did he THINK was going to happen??

Meanwhile, Krystal straightened my hair and then I got changed and headed back to school.  Most of my Year 6 students turned up on time so I took the opportunity to grab a couple of photos with them.  Then we did a ‘silly’ photo and it ended up being my favourite LOL

Text copy_1

I also got ‘blind-sided’ at the ceremony.  We’d practiced everything and it all went off very smoothly until the end.  In a little ‘change to the programme’ Glenn did a thank you and farewell speech for me.  I honestly wasn’t expecting that at the leavers ceremony.  I was all prepared for that to happen in the staffroom on Monday.

Then he called me up on to the stage and presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Luckily he saw my eyes glistening and didn’t ask me to do a speech!

It was a really memorable night :)

December 13

This morning I got a photo of my flowers and as soon as I put them down Toby came rushing up to investigate.  This boy seriously loves pink and he quite likes flowers as well!

text copy_1

We had our final assembly and school prize giving today and it went really well.  It was so nice to see our top students being acknowledged in their various fields… academics… cultural… sporting… and the arts.  The kids have worked hard to achieve their goals.

Although school doesn’t officially end until lunchtime on Monday many of the students had their final day today and I received some lovely gifts… plenty of chocolate and other tasty treats along with a large box with doughnuts in it… kind of like the sort you see on police programmes LOL

I brought home another load of stuff from school today so I was busy bringing things in from the car when I heard Toby yelling for help… of course I had my arms full and he was getting more and more urgent so I rushed inside to find… Dougal had been ‘attacked’ by a chocolate doughnut!!  Well it is Friday the 13th after all!

Photo copy_1

Dougal was trying to wrestle the doughnut off his snout but the doughnut was staying firm!  In all honesty I almost didn’t save him just to teach him a lesson… but that just seemed too mean.  I’m really hoping that he has learnt to keep his nose out of other peoples’ business… after all he’s still got a sore ear from last night!

Tonight I went out for dinner with my team and we had a fabulous meal at Lone Star.  I really enjoyed chatting with everyone and we were all much more relaxed than we’ve been in ages… and then I got ‘blind-sided’… AGAIN!

They got together and bought me a stunning greenstone… and they’ve even had Auntie Bubby bless it for me already.  I was absolutely blown away!  Glenn said that the one they’ve chosen signifies ‘New Beginnings’ and 2014 is certainly going to be all about that!

I’ll share a photo of the greenstone with you tomorrow as the lighting is shocking right now… but a HUGE thank you to the wonderful team of teachers that I’ve had the privilege to work with in senior school this year… I’m really going to miss you guys xx

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