Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December Daily: Dec 17

Hi everyone :)

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a general check up and with the move to Gisborne coming up it seemed like good timing to go and do it before I have to find a new doctor.  Dougal insisted on coming with me as HE hadn’t had a check up either!

Rosalie checked his ears and his eyes and then he ‘declined’ to have his temperature taken… clearly Toby told him all about how that do that!  Next up with his heart and pulse rate.  After a thorough check up Rosalie said that he had a mild case of ‘hypochondria’ which was brought on by Dougal not getting as much attention as he feels HE deserves LOL


After the doctors I headed into town to do some jobs and then decided to head to Tirau which just happens to have a Christmas Heirloom shop… surprise, surprise!

I bought myself a lovely big wreath that I’m looking forward to decorating along with three ornaments for the tree (which still hasn’t been put up yet!) 

When I got back to Rotorua I headed to Spotlight to buy some ‘filler baubles’ and I was really pleased to get them at a great price.  I also bought some cinnamon sticks, cane balls, berry sprigs and ribbon for decorating the wreath.

As soon as Dougal saw the bag of goodies he was into it!  I’d forgotten how strong the pull of glitter and sparkly things is for him and within seconds he’d almost disappeared into the bag completely!


Last night the boys and I made some popcorn strings for the tree… in other words I made the popcorn strings and the boys went to bed with very full tummies!  They’re going to have to wait just a little longer for the tree to go up though because I’ve got to do some sorting and organising first!

Catch you all tomorrow xx


  1. That little butt is just asking for a smack but it's to cute. He knows it too!!!!! Can't you just see the tail wagging. He knows he's OK

  2. Gee that sounds like something that 'Grandma' would say!


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