Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Daily: Dec 16

Hi everyone :)

Well the Selwyn School chapter of my life is completely finished.  It’s a bit strange to think that technically I’m ‘unemployed’ until the end of January.  My contract with Selwyn has finished and my contract in Gisborne doesn’t start until school begins in 2014.

In all my years of teaching I’ve never finished school on a Monday before and only EIGHT children turned up for school.  We had a good time though and got all the furniture, computers and resources stacked in the classroom.

I was actually a bit emotional when I first arrived at school and had that feeling of ‘I don’t want to leave’… but by the time we’d packed everything up and cleaned all the tables and benches I was ready to hand my laptop and keys back.

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To  be honest I do feel a bit scared at the moment… and from what everyone has said it’s completely ‘normal’ LOL  There’s still a big long list of things I need to get done before I move to Gisborne so I’m just going to tackle it a bit at a time until it’s all crossed off.

Yesterday one of my girls turned up with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of woven flax flowers that her Mum had made for me.  I’ve had Maia in my class this year and I’d previously taught both of her older brothers so when she said this bouquet was from her family I knew exactly what she meant.

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I’m really thrilled and feel so lucky and blessed to have had these people in my life.  I had quite a few parents through today to thank me and wish me well and it’s times like this you really realise how many lives you touch as a teacher.

It’s been a BIG day!

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  1. What a lovely gift. It must be nice as a teacher to get to teach and know all the kids in a family. We had one particular teacher 5 times over our 13 years at primary school and he became a good friend over those years. :)


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