Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Daily: Dec 20

Hi everyone :)

Well in the end there wasn’t much Christmas decorating here at all yesterday… although I did manage to do some creative stuff with my new wreath in the morning while Krystal was here.  She’s gone back home again now and it’s kind of weird to not have her company.  We were getting into a nice little routine of her arriving early in the morning when Chris went to work and then staying for the day… loved it!

After lunch Nina came over for a visit.  She’s been wanting to make some collage frames using my templates for ages and I promised her that once school was finished we’d get together and do it.  She arrived with her computer and I got her started in between carrying on with dismantling the old sofa that was in Mikayla’s room.  I can’t remember how we actually got it in there but this beast didn’t want to come back out and it was pretty ruined so taking it apart worked out fine.

I got started with a crowbar, hammer and a saw but to be honest it just seemed to be taking a long time so Nina asked her son (Dion) to come over and help.  Like a lot of teenage boys Dion was totally up for a ‘Demolition job’!  It wasn’t all plain sailing but we managed to dismantle it enough to get it outside and then we literally threw it over the side of the garden.  Then we let Dion loose with the axe and he had it completely dismantled in a short space of time and into the skip!


While all this was going on Toby was staying right out of the way.  He didn’t like the loud noises at all so he sat with Auntie Nina while she worked on her computer.  Dougal on the other hand was quite fascinated by the whole thing… so long as he didn’t have to life a paw to help… he’s got a real avoidance to work that boy!

He was quite happy to get in a photo with Dion at the end though… he’s never one to miss out on the camera that’s for sure!


Once the sofa was gone I was able to give Mikayla’s room a good vacuum and then put all my school resources in there so now I’ve got some room for my Christmas tree.  Hopefully today will be the day!

Wishing you all a very happy Saturday xx

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