Sunday, December 22, 2013

December Daily: Dec 21

Hi everyone :)

I’m in a really happy place right now!!  I finally have my Christmas tree up and I’m so thrilled with how it turned out!  I’ll admit that I spent HOURS doing it but Toby and Dougal were great company and I had the Christmas music playing so it was a lot of fun!

On my final day at Selwyn School they presented me with a card which enclosed a voucher to spend at Farmers.  I did take a minute or two to think about buying ‘practical’ things for the house… or maybe some new clothes for work… or presents for Christmas… but then I realised that what I REALLY wanted was that big, lush Christmas tree that I’d seen there last week.  So… Chris, Carey and I all went down to Farmers and there was just ONE 7 foot tree left… it must have been meant to be! 

Chris and I had quite a few laughs getting the tree from the second floor of Farmers into my car… including Chris making the ‘beeping’ noises as she ‘reversed’ into the lift in the shop.  I’ve promised myself to NEVER take her to those expensive shops!!  LOL

My tree is festooned (cool word!) with 500 tiny bud lights, LOTS of baubles, the popcorn garlands the boys and I made, all the stars, wired bows and scrabble letter ornaments that I’ve made as well as all the precious ornaments I’ve been collecting for the past several years… and I’m THRILLED with the results!Photo_1 I really love how the tree turned out!  It looks like all those ones I see on the movies and when I finished late last night I just sat there with the boys staring at the tree.  Dougal of course LOVES the tree because it’s all twinkly and sparkly!  Toby has had a few sniffs of the popcorn but he’s just happy that I’m happy LOL

I’ve also finished working on my wreath and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  The plan for today is to get it up on the wall above the fireplace as well as doing the table, mantle and getting out the vintage Santa and lamp post I bought a few months ago.


The Christmas spirit has finally arrived so I’m off to do some decorating!

Have a wonderful day xx

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