Monday, December 23, 2013

December Daily: Dec 22

Hi everyone :)

We had a really busy time here yesterday and the before I knew it the day was over so I’ll be back later today with an update for Project Life!

In the meantime, I’ve been busy doing lots of Christmas decorating.  I’ve opened all the boxes of decorations now and it’s all ready for when my family come on Christmas Day.   I asked to host Christmas this year not knowing that I’d be moving to Gisborne but it’s worked out perfectly because we’ve never had a full family Christmas in this house before which makes it a bit special for me.

I’ve had to change a few things around this year to accommodate the new tree… totally worth it though because it really is gorgeous!  The train that usually sits under the tree won’t quite fit so it’s found a new home on the mantle piece.


As I mentioned in the journaling there was a little drama with my vintage Santa and lamp post… and if there’s going to be dramas around here you can be sure that Dougal is involved!  It seems that while he was in London EVERYBODY peed on lamp posts… that’s according to Dougal anyway.  So what did he do??? Yes you guessed it!


Poor Santa nearly got his boots wet thanks to Dougal!  He was definitely not the most popular person around here after he did that I can tell you!  He spent most of the afternoon whimpering and clutching at his wee behind like he’d been done a real hardship instead of just a quick smack!

Toby was pleased though because Dougal has gotten him into a few problems this December and he was quite happy to see Dougal having to deal with the ‘consequences of his actions’. 

p.s. In spite of the whimpering, Dougal is back to his old self again today… although he’s a little bit more careful about where he’s lifting his leg!

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  1. ROFL - naughty Dougal. Love your decorating. :)


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