Friday, December 6, 2013

December Daily: Dec 6

Hi everyone :)

Well it seems like Dougal has finally figured out that too much time spent unsupervised leads him into far too much mischief!  In less than a week he’s proven to be quite a handful this time around.  I think he’s learnt several bad habits while he’s been away!!

This morning he decided that it might be a good idea to come to school with me rather than get himself into more trouble… or was he just trying to escape doing extra chores??  Either way, we’ve had a very pleasant day and Dougal, Toby and I are all feeling happy that the weekend has arrived.

The boys had their breakfast together this morning and they were both quite happy.  Then Dougal brushed his teeth (at least he’s kept up with his dental care)… and then he disappeared!  I went looking for him but the clock was ticking and I had to get to school.  By the time Toby was outside with some biscuits and his water bowl there was still no sign of Dougal and I had to get to school so I locked up and went out to the car… and there he was… sitting on the front passenger seat complete with seat belt!

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It actually turned out to be an excellent day for Dougal to come to school because we hosted Cornwall Park School from Auckland while they did a concert.  These kids are pretty talented.  They play instruments, sing and dance.  Dougal was most impressed… although he was incredibly eager to get onto the stage himself and give a little show of his own.

Fortunately I was in full-on ‘Teacher Mode’ and one swift look at him told him everything he needed to know… sit down, be quiet and don’t make a scene!  Poor Dougal!

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There wasn’t even any trouble when Dougal and I got home from school.  Toby was pretty happy to see both of us and seemed quite happy to have had some time out for himself.  I think Toby was actually relieved that there was no trouble and no dramas for a change.  He really does prefer the quiet life and he’s more than happy for Dougal to take the spotlight off him for a while.

Tonight we’ve had a very happy evening chatting to each other and Dougal has told me that he’s going to show me all the ‘treasures’ in his suitcase tomorrow… I’m looking forward to that!

Wishing you all a wonderful start to your weekend xx

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