Monday, December 9, 2013

December Daily: Dec 9

Hi everyone :)

Well it’s official… Dougal has a BIG crush on Auntie Chris!  Today he came to school with me… in fact, he was trying to wake me up before the 6am alarm went off so we could get ready! 

All through the day he’s been finding excuses to go and visit her classroom… aka making a pest of himself!  The funny part is that he’s so cute about it all so it’s hard to growl really.

The day was pretty full on with end of year school stuff including a practice for our Year 6 Leaving Ceremony which is happening on Thursday night. 

At the end of the day I had some things that needed photocopying and Dougal offered to come with me (hoping to see Chris I suspect).  I’d finished the first lot of copying and turned my back for just a few minutes and when I turned around I got a HUGE shock:

Photo copy_1

I turns out that Dougal thought he could give Auntie Chris a ‘smile’ to take home with her… silly boy should have given her a photo instead!

This morning I actually did a tiny bit of work on another one of my Creative Chemistry tags.  This one involved covering die cut grungeboard pieces with Distress Crackle (Clear Rock Candy).  I’m never patient enough to let the stuff dry on it’s own… in fact I’ve ruined many projects over the years putting my fingers into crackle medium and Dimensional Magic to see if it’s dry!  This time I figured that if I got it all done before school it would be completely dry and ready for the next step when I got home.

I hooked up the video to the TV and watched Tim apply Distress Paint, Ink and Stain to his pieces and really liked the effect.  Since it’s pretty close to Christmas I used that as a theme for my tag and I’m super happy with the results.  I especially like the paint and stain together… very effective!

Text copy_1

Here’s a better look at my tag… just because I’m super happy with it:

So there you have it… another day… another tag… and another stunt from Dougal!

Catch you all tomorrow xx


  1. Imagine the fun Dougal would have with an Instax camera??? LOL

  2. haha Dougal and you are soo funny.. I hear you on the impatient poking to see if the DM has dried I have done the same a few times myself...Love your Tag Shell...


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