Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Daily: Dec 10

Hi everyone :)

It’s been a relatively calm day around here today.  The boys both stayed at home and from what I can tell they have behaved themselves really well.  I suspect that there’s been a lot of running around and playing going on because both of them are sound asleep on the sofa right now LOL

At school today I got the kids to help me with their clear files.  It’s actually a MASSIVE job to do on my own and I figured the kids might finally get over their curiosity about them if they knew how ‘boring’ they really were.  Sure enough… most of them were over their curiosity within minutes!

Unfortunately lots of the kids were finding it difficult to follow instructions today.  Most of my Year 6 students are suffering from the I’m too cool for primary school bug!  So, after morning tea I got a few of my really organised children to help Barbara and myself put the clear files in order.  It didn’t take us very long and we all worked together as a team pretty well!


One of the things we’ve been doing a lot lately is reflecting on the year… the learning… and how much everyone has changed since we started the year.  As most of you know I’ve been doing a lot of Professional Development to do with teaching writing and I’ve worked my butt off to make my writing programme really interesting so it was especially rewarding when a LOT of the kids say that writing was becoming one of their favourite subjects.

Several of them even mentioned that they considered their best pieces of work this year to be things they have written.  It certainly made me feel like all the hard work was really worthwhile… and their writing samples certainly reflected how much they have learnt.

When I got home from school today there was a couple of pieces of mail… mostly boring stuff but one of the envelopes had an extra stamp on the back of it.  It’s a very cool Santa stamp and Dougal took a real liking to it.

He was all for opening the envelope for me but he relented when I said that he could have a photo with it instead because it was actually addressed to me.


Both of the boys were keen to see what was inside the envelope and when it turned out to be a very cool gingerbread man shaped card they thought that was pretty neat too!  Both of the boys LOVE gingerbread dough LOL

Thank you Brenda for the lovely card… it certainly brightened up our day :)

I have to admit that I love days when my boys are well behaved and there’s no dramas!

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  1. Pleased you like the card Shell..That is a very cute photo of Dougal with it.. Its all about mehe..LOL. Enjoy the rest of the week, not long now and you will be able to have a wee break before starting to pack up..


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