Sunday, December 15, 2013

Project Life: Week 50

Hi everyone :)

Well I’ve had my last full week teaching in Rotorua.  I’ve still got a half day to do tomorrow but basically it’s all done… I’ve even spent most of the afternoon cleaning out all the cupboards and getting everything ready for whoever takes over my class.

Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

This week has been really full with school things.  We had some practices for various assemblies and prize giving events plus I had to get all the kids clear files in order.

Of course Dougal managed to get himself involved in the photocopying as well!

The highlight for the first part of my week was having Krystal arrive home and spending some time with her.  She was looking really happy and she’s feeling much better than she did a couple of months ago.


It was quite different having our Year 6 Leaving Ceremony in the early evening but it really made it just a little more special.  The kids really enjoyed it too!

This week I’ve been blind-sided a couple of times!  First there was the bouquet of flowers at the Leavers Ceremony and then on Friday night I received a beautiful piece of greenstone from my team.  The emotions are starting to kick in about leaving Selwyn and I’m sure tomorrow is going to be very emotional for me.


My flowers look gorgeous… and the lily has opened right up now and has a beautiful perfume!   Glenn also gave each of the senior teachers a hard-cover diary for next year.  It will be nice to have because it will remind me of them all through the year.

Yesterday Chris, Deidre, the boys and myself all headed out to the farm to visit our girls and we had such a nice time.  I love all the photos I took and it was so neat to see all of them feeling happy and relaxed together.

So that’s been my week… not a lot to write about really because I’ve been telling you all most of it via the December Daily project LOL

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend xx

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  1. What an awesome school it has been for you - have loved hearing all about it. Better make sure you have the tissues with you today???? ;)


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