Monday, December 16, 2013

December Daily: Dec 15

Hi everyone :)

I must admit that I really enjoyed not having to spend my weekend planning, marking and making resources this weekend.  Of course I had the trip to the farm on Saturday which was awesome and then I spent most of Sunday morning relaxing at home. 

In the afternoon I met up with Chris at school and we got busy packing up all my personal teaching resources.  I’m so pleased I had her to help because it really did seem like an overwhelming job at the start!

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of teaching resources and things I use with the kids and all of a sudden I had to take it all home!  That’s going to be the next mission!!

When we were finished Chris and I headed back to my place to unload everything and the boys were just beside themselves with excitement!  Toby reacted like he hadn’t seen Chris in weeks rather than just yesterday… but he has learnt not to try and jump up to say hello… now he just licks her instead LOL

Dougal on the other hand waited for his very first opportunity and then pounced on her!  Poor Chris had JUST sat down when a small puppy came flying at her for a cuddle!!

Photo copy_1

Last night I was just looking at the huge pile of stuff that I’ve accumulated and wondering if I really do need all this stuff… but I think I probably do!

Text copy_1

We’ve got a half day today followed by a shared lunch at which point I’m going to have to hand over my school keys and my classroom laptop.  It’s going to be quite weird only having my home keys on my key ring… for a little while at least!

Have a great Monday everyone xx


  1. It is amazing what we collect over the years. Wait to you get ready to move house! I really like the greenstone necklace you were given and the sentiment that went with the old necklace - it had done it's job. I am going to apply that thought to a couple of items that broke & I was so sadden by it.

    1. I hadn't thought of my bone carving as 'having a job to do' either Mary Lou but when Aunty Bubby said that to me it really made sense. That carving had seen me through a huge amount of life changing experiences and it just felt right.


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