Monday, April 28, 2014

In the last 24 hours…

I have actually started a little creative project! 

Toby and I started off our Sunday with snuggles on the sofa.  Toby used to be allowed on the sofa all the time… I think he thought it was HIS sofa actually.  But now he’s only allowed up on the sofa on  rare occasions – and Sunday morning snuggles works well for both of us:20140427_074655

While we were all snuggled up a little idea kept popping back into my head… an idea that I’d seen online and thought ‘maybe’… so I got out a few minimal supplies and got started:20140427_113634

Basically I had an old dictionary, scissors, glue stick and a pack of regular playing cards (I actually bought the cards with this project in mind and then did nothing about getting started with it!)  I set about covering the faces of the cards with dictionary paper and it stuck surprisingly well with the glue stick:20140427_114010

After I stuck a few cards down I trimmed them up and then used one of those nail files from the $2 shop to go around the edges… super simple!20140427_114958

I did about 20 cards yesterday and then got busy with the washing and other household chores… it’s surprising how little time it takes to clean up after just myself!

By late afternoon, Toby was giving me the ‘sad puppy’ eyes and acting like a bit of a muppet and I knew he wanted to go for another run along the beach.  It was a great afternoon for the waves but unfortunately for Toby that meant there were lots of people at ‘HIS’ beach so he spent more time on his lead than he normally does.

Still, I managed to get some great photos on my phone… it takes pretty awesome photos actually and I find myself using my ‘real’ camera less and less:20140427_165110

Once we got past the surfers we had most of the beach to ourselves… and the sand down by the water was really spongy which Toby wasn’t too sure about.


The great thing with the beach is that each day smells completely different because the waves have washed the ‘old’ smells away. 


And of course you have to smell everything from all the different angles!


This log clearly had something really GOOD to smell on it!


I love the light and shadows you get in the late afternoon… it was absolutely stunning yesterday… and the action wasn’t all happening on the beach either… check out this:20140427_165314

See what I mean about my phone taking great photos! 

Toby and I both had a great nights sleep… that sea air is really fantastic!  This morning I got out the rest of the cards and had a great session and now they’re all covered… including the four jokers!


So now what???  Hmmm… well now I’m going to try and see if I can actually do something arty with them!  It’s time to get inky again!!

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  1. That's the Shell we know and love! Good to see you inspired again. Love that photo of the sea - so detailed (and the photos of young Mr Toby are pretty good too of course, lol) xx


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