Saturday, April 26, 2014

Retail therapy vs. Nature therapy

This morning I went to the Farmers Market to pick up some more fresh roses for the house… have I mentioned how much I love having fresh flowers in my home?  It’s definitely something that makes me feel good!

After the markets I caught up with my sister while she was having some ‘child free’ time and we had morning tea together.  Then we went to check out Briscoes… and surprise, surprise they had a sale on! 

I’ve been thinking this week about my bedroom and the fact that it’s looking a bit insipid (actually that’s a really accurate word for it)

insipid  in·sip·id


1.without distinctive, interesting, or stimulating qualities; vapid: an insipid personality.

2.without sufficient taste to be pleasing, as food or drink; bland: a rather insipid soup.

Here’s what I mean about it being insipid:20140331_180810

There definitely wasn’t much personality going on there… so today I had a look around Briscoes and happened to come across something that really isn’t my usual style but I like it a lot now that it’s on my bed.


I’m not usually one to like this style… but actually it’s got a nice feel to it.  It almost has a hotel look to it though so I still need to get a bit of colour and personality into it… but at least it’s not bland anymore! 

Now for the nature therapy… late this afternoon I took Toby to the beach for a good run around… and boy did he run around!!!  He ran up the beach and back down again… he ran in circles… he chased sea gulls… and he chased sticks (he didn’t actually do anything with them… he just chased them!) 

And what did I do while he was acting like a total muppet??? laughing myself silly at his antics and taking photos!

Here’s a couple of my favourites from this afternoon:


Just after this photo was taken Toby ran after the seagulls and got himself all wet… but he’s finally starting to be brave about going into the water now!


Love this one of him.. he looks so alert and happy!  We spent ages on the beach and really did get out lungs full of oxygen… and Toby sniffed EVERYTHING!! 

Then we headed home and I’ve had the best shower… you know how sometimes your shower just feels A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!  Well tonight it really was that good… and ‘himself’ is completely flaked out on the floor beside me. 

So when it comes to retail therapy vs. nature therapy you really can’t compare them… my theory is that anything that makes you feel good has got to be a good thing.

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