Thursday, April 24, 2014

Never let it be said…

… that I can’t take up a challenge!  Not long after I did my post this morning about the light bulb vases there was a comment from Esther… and she knew EXACTLY how to push my buttons and get me into gear!

Her comment may look innocent enough but when I read… Go on - give it a go and let us see what you can do with a less than $2 bulb… it was like she’d thrown down the gauntlet and I didn’t have much choice really.

Follow that up with Vicki saying… Just do it!!!  What’s a girl to do… so I got my backside into town and gathered up some supplies and here’s the results:

Not all light bulbs are created equal… and there’s so many choices out there!  I specifically wanted ‘screw in clear bulbs’ and it would seem that they’re not as easy to find as you might think… or as cheap!20140424_101200_1

Then it was home with my supplies including a new pair of needle nose pliers (because I have absolutely no idea where mine are… except that they’ll be ‘in a box’) and some safety glasses… see Dad… I do take care of myself!


My first effort was a complete flop… almost had all the insides out and then the bulb broke.


Second attempt… pretty much the same thing.  Actually I bought three light bulbs from this brand and all three broke so clearly not all light bulbs are created equal!


Frustration was starting to set in so I swapped to the pretty pink boxes and thought I’d give them a go and voila!


Toby still loves the camera!!  These little light bulbs are a really cute shape too!  Before long I really had the knack of it:


I found some old metal egg cups and some silver serviette rings that I don’t think I’ve ever used and they made pretty good bases for my new mini vases.

All up I think I kept my mess pretty well contained… don’t you?


Then I decided that I might just have one more experiment.  I went back to the supermarket and bought some screw in frosted bulbs with the idea that once I got the innards out of them I could use salty water (thank you Google) to get rid of the frosting.20140424_140111

It totally worked and I made three more mini vases.  So here’s my efforts for the day:


I actually really like these vases… they’re simple, pretty and they almost have a vintage feel to them.  And if I actually used screw in bulbs in my home they would be a great way to recycle the bulbs when they blew!

So now I’m wondering if Esther and Vicki will take up the challenge??  I’d love to see if the Wellington and Christchurch bulbs produce the same results as the Gisborne ones LOL 

Go on… I dare you!


  1. Ooohhhh - a dare is it? I will be off to to get light-bulbs tomorrow (once the shops open after 1pm due to ANZAC Day) and I will see your dare! I would raise it with something right here and now but I have had a hectic day and can't think of anything. LOL
    By the way - Well Done Shell xx

    1. LOL no need for raising the bar Esther! Thanks :)

  2. looking good Shell. Can't wait to see yours Esther. Toby has grown. xx

  3. They look fabulous and will definitely give them a go. Hadn't heard about salty water to get rid of the frosting. The challenge is on. LOL

  4. Well done you. Alas for those of us in the light bulb banned areas, we have to resort to creative uses for little vases or jars ... umm I think I feel a Pinterest search coming upon me.


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