Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A day with Krystal

I’ve got LOADS of photos to share so you might want to grab yourself a coffee for this one! Last Wednesday Krystal came over to Tauranga to spend the day with me and see her Grandma.  Her bus arrived before 8am so I went down to pick her up and we got from breakfast from McDonalds. 

Toby got very excited when he saw the paper bags of food… and Grandma was quite happy when we gave her some hot cakes with syrup for breakfast as well.  Of course Toby was disappointed that no food seemed to be coming his way!

Hey Grandma… what you got??20141001_083201_1

This is hot cakes Toby… do you like hot cakes?20141001_083206_1

I LOVE hot cakes Grandma… hey that was supposed to be for me!20141001_083208_1

Krystal do you have hot cakes to share with me?20141001_083259_1

Grandma can I PLEASE have hot cakes???  I’ve been really good!20141001_083403_1

Nom nom nom… I REALLY LOVE hot cakes Grandma… thank you for sharing!20141001_083405_1

After breakfast we left Toby supervising Grandma for the day while we went into town.  Krystal is in her first year of teacher training and I thought she might enjoy going to the Teacher Resource Centre… besides it gave me an opportunity to get a few things for my classroom.

We both loved this wall display:


I’m always on the lookout for cool certificates I can use for my kids… I know I can make my own but they seem to really appreciate the bought ones just a little bit more.


I also got some more borders for my classroom walls and a few prizes for my treasure box.


Then Krystal and I spotted a really great book that will be a welcome addition to my writing programme:


It’s made up of lots of cartoons and the kids get to write in what everyone is saying in the speech bubbles.


Next we headed over to Bayfair for a bit of a look around and I found a couple of books to add to my growing classroom collection:


Then we headed to the Warehouse for a look and I found these books.  I think my kids will really love the twists and turns in the All Black book!


I also found some neat little ice cube trays for a couple of dollars each:


As we were heading towards the checkouts I spotted something that I’ve been waiting to see come out… super pleased to have this one!  I watched the whole series and loved every episode so now I’ll be able to watch it whenever I like.


After all of that we stopped for a late lunch and a hot chocolate.  We were very impressed with out cronini’s (combination of a croissant and a Panini). 


We spent quite a lot of time trying on clothes and Krystal managed to pick up a couple of good bargains but to be honest I wasn’t in the mood for clothes shopping and nothing seemed to appeal to me.

Then it was back to Grandma’s to pick up Toby and pack my gear before heading over to Rotorua.  It was certainly a couple of full-on days but spending time with Krystal and Mum was wonderful.

Take care xx


  1. I am hoping that Dougal has his ticket book for the trip home & to arrive just in time to begin December Daily, I am really looking forward to those tales!

    1. Hi Mary Lou :) I haven't heard from Dougal for a while now... but I suspect he and Toby have been having little chats while I'm at work because there's been a few unexplained toll calls on my phone! I'm sure he'll be up to his usual tricks again xx


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