Monday, December 1, 2014

December Daily – Getting started!

Hi :)

It’s December already… or as my Mum said today… it’s the ‘oneth’!  Yes,the silliness is hereditary and from what I can tell it’s a slippery slope from here on!!

After doing almost nothing creative for a whole year I’ve decided that I AM going to make a December Daily album.  In fact I bought a few things for it during the last school holidays.  This year I’m going to use Heidi Swapp’s Believe collection. 

I’ve bought the memory files album which is spiral bound:


I’ve also bought the 6x6 paper pad:


And yesterday I came across the ephemera pack as well:

Along with that I’ve got some chalkboard elements and some cork stars so I think I’m pretty set.  I still haven’t quite decided HOW I’m going to put it all together but it will definitely be a bit of a hybrid album… so for now I’m going to share the story and photo(s) of the day and worry about the album later.

Dec 1


I’ve been at school all day and it’s crazy busy!  My reports are finished and all printed off but there’s still so much else to do!  After school I met up with a couple of colleagues at our local Paper Plus store to purchase book prizes for the end of the school year.  Three heads were definitely better than one and we got the job finished in record time… and within budget!

Since I was in town anyway I called into the local Farmers store and there was a SALE on!!  I picked up a fabulous cheese platter/board!  It has a space for brie, camembert and blue cheese.  I’ve looked at it before and really liked it but couldn’t quite bring myself to purchase it but since it was on sale I didn’t have an option really LOL  I’m really looking forward to having friends and family around for a party so that I can use it.


I also bought a small colander (I’ve already got a massive one!) and a hand held mandolin… that will be super handy!

cjk0bhkf9yAeoxo hand held mandoline slicer

By the time I got out of Farmers it was right on 5pm so I decided to head for home but I got a bit more than I bargained for when I arrived!  Toby normally barks his head off when he hears me pull up into the driveway at the end of the day but today he was suspiciously quiet! 

In fact he didn’t bark when I opened and closed the front door either… so I went to the back door and I could hear giggling!!!  I popped my head out the door and here’s what I discovered:

Dec 1_1

Yes!!!  Dougal is home!!!  I was so excited to see him!!!  It turns out that he and Toby have been talking on the phone recently and Toby told him that I’d just been out to a Mexican restaurant and had a great night out so Dougal thought he’d help me get into the ‘Christmas spirit’ so to speak!

We’re having a lovely night (and yes I’ve had a margarita – thank you Dougal).  The boys are having so much fun catching up with each other and just ‘being boys’.   They’ve got so much to tell each other that I haven’t even had a chance to tell Dougal my big news yet… maybe I’ll get a chance to tell him tomorrow.

December has begun and I couldn’t be happier xx


  1. Oh so glad you have decided to a December Daily album; your ideas, such as your fantastic title page, are always SO inspiring. Oh the tales of my favourite "down under" dog, Dougal, have begun. I do like the cheese tray! I am looking forward to hearing more from you & your big news.

  2. Welcome Home Dougal!! I know you have been missed during the year and I know you and Toby will get up to all sorts of antics. Personally, I am looking forward to hearing all about it. Hoping there is some crafty Mojo in that there Margarita mix, lol.


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