Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Daily – Dec 6

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When Toby and I got home on Saturday morning we were too tired to take much notice of what Dougal had been up to while we were out… but after a catch up on our sleep we were both a lot more observant.

Observation #1 – WHY was my foot spa on the kitchen bench?

Observation #2 –WHY were there candles on the kitchen bench?

Observation #3 – WHY did the house smell of lavender?

Observation #4 – Is that one of my shower caps on the bench???

Dougal was in a very relaxed mood on Saturday morning and Toby and I soon found out why.  It would seem that one small wee puppy thought that it would be a ‘waste’ to run a big bath of water for his bubble bath on Friday night… especially when he noticed that my foot spa was nice and handy.

Lord knows how he got it up onto the bench but needless to say I have noticed a few little teeth marks in the cord!

Dougal filled the foot spa with lots of nice warm water… turned it on and then went in search of something ‘bubbly’ to put into it.  He managed to find my very luxurious (and expensive!) lavender bubble bath and helped himself!

Apparently the foot spa is ‘excellent’ because it agitates the water ‘just right’!  He was quite keen to show me just how excellent it was and here are the results!

Dec 6_1

Life would certainly be boring without Dougal around… and I have to admit that on this particular occasion I might just be a ‘little bit’ jealous that he can fit into the foot spa!

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  1. Oh that Dougal & his antics but no wait there's more, how wise of him to remind us to all just take a deep breath & relax.


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