Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Daily - Dec 5


Friday turned out to be a VERY busy day!  We had our usual 8am staff meeting and then it was straight into our final school assembly for the year.  After morning tea my Year 6 students got busy creating their own pages for the ‘Leavers Booklet’.  I was quite impressed with some of the things they put on their pages and it will be good to see the final booklets.

Next up was another practice for our prize giving on Monday.  While all that was happening Kat and I went down to pick up the hot chips and pizza for the senior classes parties.  Kat’s car looked really full by the time we’d picked up 45 pizzas and $70 worth of hot chips!

Dec 5a_1

My class were blown away when they got back from their prize giving practice to find our classroom all set up for lunch!  They insisted on Dougal joining us of course and Dougal was extremely happy to accept the kids invitations… although I think the kids would have rather he didn’t sit ON the table and BARK at THEM whenever they tried to get a bit of pizza!!

Dec 5_1

After lunch our senior kids got to have their swim.  The water is still pretty cold but the kids really seem to enjoy getting in for a bit of a splash around.  One of the girls asked if she could ‘DO’ my hair and for once I thought ‘why not’.  Mary-Ann did a ‘fishtail’ plait and then Jody took a photo of it for me so that I could see what it looked like from the back.

Dec 5 b_1

By the time school was done Dougal and I were both more than ready to head home and spend some time with Toby.  We hadn’t actually been home long when I got a phone call to go and play some pool at a friends house. 

I decided to take Toby with me since Dougal has had lots of my attention for the past few days… and besides, Dougal said he wanted to have a bubble bath and watch TV for the night!

After a couple of games of pool my friend asked me if I wanted to go ‘spotlighting’ for possums.  Having never had a go at that I figured why not… I went home to get changed and discovered that Dougal was sound asleep so Toby thought he might as well tag along for some possuming too!

It turned out to be quite exciting!  I had wondered if Toby would be frightened when the gun went off but he was completely silent in the back of the truck.  He did keep a keen eye on what was going on though!

We finally got back home just after 2am… very tired but pretty pleased with our nights efforts. 

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