Saturday, February 28, 2015

Project Life – Week 6

I’m back again with another update. This time I’ve got Week 6 – the first week of February 2015.

Here’s a look at the overview:FULL_1

School started on Monday morning at Glenholme and it was a really good day!  The kids all wear a school uniform and it does make taking a class photo so much nicer!  As per usual I also did artwork with my kids on the first day.  These kids were really careful with the paints and no paint got onto their uniforms!

Here’s a close up of the start of the week:LEFT_1

Krystal and Mike have persuaded me to watch Game of Thrones.  Krystal has the first two seasons on DVD and I have to say that I’m really getting hooked on the story! 

I’ve also been busy unpacking some more boxes.  One of the good finds this week was locating my Project Life albums including the album I’m going to use for 2015… it’s a little bit different than my previous albums… but this year is a little bit different from previous years too!

I’ve found quite a few of my books and put them into the bookcase that got damaged and it has taken the focus away from the top molding.  I’m super pleased with the photos of my girls that are framed and on display too.

Mike and I have also been moving around some furniture to make things more workable for us. I’m loving how we’ve got the lounge arranged and it’s super nice to be using the big room with lots of light!

Here’s a look at the second part of the week:RIGHT_1

The week at school absolutely flew past and before I knew it we were up to Thursday night so Mike and I decided to go to the night market.  We had a bit of a look around and then made our way down Eat Street looking for somewhere to have dinner but nothing particularly appealed. 

We ended up right down by the lakefront so we decided to get a pizza from Pizza Hut and have an impromptu picnic instead.  It was actually the perfect end to the day and then it was time to get packing to head off to Wellington on Friday! (Waitangi Day)

We had an awesome trip to Wellington including stopping off at Flatbush for a delicious breakfast on the way down.  460 kilometers later we hit our destination!  We stayed with Mike’s cousin and her kids and they were keen to take us to the Buddhist Monastery just up the road from where they live.  There were a LOT of steps but it was so worth it to get to the top!

On Saturday we headed into Wellington on the train and went to Te Papa.  I’ve wanted to have a good look around Te Papa for YEARS and when I told Mike he said we should just ‘Do it'!’ so that’s how the trip came about. 

Here’s the front page of the insert:

Wellington front_1

We got off the train and wandered up the street looking for somewhere to have breakfast and in the end we both decided that McDonald’s sounded good.  The best part was that we sat upstairs and had an awesome view!

We also headed to an underground market and I spotted an artists store where she was selling the most gorgeous prints of NZ birds.  We really loved the Kiwi with the night scene and I knew it would look perfect in the lounge.

Then it was on to Te Papa and all the amazing exhibits!

There was a big dinosaur exhibit that Mike was really interested in and of course the Waitangi exhibit was a big focus for me. 

After we’d spent several hours at Te Papa we carried on into Wellington and Mike showed me the Harley store.  Unfortunately for him it was closed so he just had to make do with drooling from the window!

Wellington back_1

On Saturday night we went to James and Esther’s for dinner and helped them celebrate their wedding anniversary.  James did a great job on the bbq and Esther made some delicious side dishes and salads… followed by dessert!

On Sunday morning we headed back to Rotorua and had a couple of stops along the way including a very late breakfast in Waiouru, stopping for some ‘essential’ lavender supplies in Bulls and visiting my cousin in Taupo.  We even stopped on the Desert Road so that I could take some photos… totally loving my new camera!

So that was Week 6 xx

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  1. Wonderful catchup. First photo together - the happiness is showing! Game of Thrones is addicting, I am waiting for Season 4 on DVD at the video store or library. That was one very busy action packed weekend!


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