Friday, April 3, 2015

Project Life – Week 13

Hi everyone :)

I got a bit side tracked last weekend and didn’t get my photos organised until this morning.  It’s been a busy week in our household!

Here’s an overview of last week:FULL_1

On Monday after work I took Mike to Sulphur Point to check out where we were going for our school trip on Wednesday.  I knew the area vaguely and just wanted to make sure that things were how I remembered them being.  Mike had never been to Sulphur Point before so it was neat to share it with him.  I took my camera with me (of course) and managed to get some pretty cool shots.

On Wednesday when we went back for our trip I took more photos of the same area and it’s amazing how much the landscape and wildlife changes during the day.  We had a pretty good trip and the kids learnt quite a lot.

Mike decided that he’d better get himself a Rotorua library card this week… not so much because he wants to get books out of the library… but because locals can visit the Museum for FREE if they can show their library card!  There’s lots of places in Rotorua that have special discounts for locals when they have their library cards.  I wasn’t expecting Mike’s card to look so much nicer than mine though!  Maybe I should get myself a new card!!

Here’s a better look at the start of our week:LEFT_1

At the beginning of the year my team leader (Molly) went to Hawaii and when she came home she gave me a box of chocolates.  Mike and I decided to ‘save’ them for Easter and they’ve been hiding away ever since. But… this week we both had hard weeks at work and the chocolates were opened… and they were SCOFFED!  We actually had them over two nights and they were totally delicious!  Thanks Molly xx

On Thursday, Mike and I went to the night market but nothing was really appealing to us so we went to Lady Jane’s and bought ourselves some waffle cones with Kapati ice cream.  If you haven’t tried Kapiti ice cream yet I highly recommend it.  I had vanilla bean which was totally delicious and the other flavour was apple crumble which really did taste like apple crumble!  Yum!

While we’re on the subject of food… Mike and I love seafood chowder.  We often order it if we are out and it’s a firm favourite.  This week I decided to have a go at making my own chowder.  I went through lots of different recipes to get the basics and then went from there.  At the moment we’re trialing different recipes and seafood to see which combinations are our favourites and Mike is a very willing ‘guinea pig’ when it comes to taste testing!

Poor Toby has been needing to have his toenails clipped for several weeks now but unfortunately the place where I usually take him has closed down.  He hates getting them clipped at the vets and he finds it all very traumatic.  Mike decided that we could do it ourselves so we went and bought a pair of clippers… I’ve got a really good pair but they’re in one of the many packed boxes I still need to go through.

On Saturday morning Mike tried to have a ‘man to man’ conversation with Toby about his toenails which ended up being more of a ‘man to difficult teenager’ chat about the ‘edibleness’ of Mike’s arm!  In the end I held Toby while Mike talked calmly to him and within a short amount of time the nails were clipped and done.  Score Toby 0 – Mike 1

Here’s a closer look at the weekend:RIGHT_1

Mike and I spent most of Saturday busy around the house.  Mike and Toby got busy with ‘tree chopping’ in the backyard.  We’ve got a couple of Taiwan Cherry trees that have literally popped up from nowhere!  They are a real pest and difficult to get rid of.  Mike decided that a chainsaw would be his tool of choice and now we have loads more sunshine and so do the neighbours!

After doing all the ‘man work’ in the garden Toby and Mike came inside and Mike had a shower followed by a hot cross bun.  Toby was so sure that he should have a hot cross bun too and reminded me of a couple of those pics you see on the internet:

1  2

Here’s Toby and Mike’s version:


I just couldn’t help myself with that one!

Along with more sunshine we also lost a bit of privacy in the family room so I got busy on the sewing machine and finally got the net curtain ready to hang.  I’ve still got quite a few nets to make but I’ll save them for another day!

Unfortunately the weather decided to pack it in on Saturday afternoon and it was still raining on Sunday so not only did we have to go to the launderette to get the washing dry we also missed out on our bike ride.  We did go over to Tauranga on Sunday but it was in the car instead… although Toby was able to come with us so he was a happy little camper.

So that was our week… I hope yours went well and that you’re enjoying a lovely Easter break xx


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