Sunday, May 17, 2015

Project Life: Week 16

Hi there :)

Well my blog is well over-due for an update so here’s Week 16: 13th - 19th April

This was the second week of the school holidays and looking back on it I definitely got a lot of things done during the week.  Here’s an overview:FULL_1

On Monday night Game of Thrones began it’s 5th Season.  Krystal and Chris are really into Game of Thrones as well and since Mike and I subscribe to the SOHO channel and they don’t we asked them to join us to watch each episode.  We also decided that Monday night would be ‘dessert’ night. 

Since I had a bit of time to ‘play’ in the kitchen I came up with a ‘deconstructed passionfruit and lemon cheesecake’.  It was actually really simple to make but it looked (and tasted) pretty amazing!

Meanwhile, Mike made us American hot dogs for dinner which happens to be one of our favourite ‘easy dinners’.

Here’s a close up to the start of the week:LEFT_1

Mike and I had been looking for a ‘winter’ duvet set for our room.  We looked in heaps of different places but couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for and then we popped in to Harvey Normans and there it was… and it was on sale too!  For now we’ve teamed it up with the black Euro pillows from another duvet but Mike REALLY likes the red ones that actually go with the duvet.  I like the red ones too but they’re $45 each so for now they can stay in the shop!

On Tuesday night Mike brought home his new painting gear and did a little ‘show and tell’.  He’s really happy with the new gear but Toby didn’t like it at all… he barked and growled and tried to hide and then barked again.  As soon as Mike took off his head gear Toby was a happy puppy again LOL

One thing Toby did have right though was sunbathing outside his ‘day room’ on Wednesday.  It was actually warmer outside than it was inside and Toby made the most of it. 

While he was busy sunbathing I got busy finishing off the travel album I started at Autumn Escape. You can check out the album HERE if you missed it.  It now sits proudly up on the bookshelf and I really love how it turned out.

While I was busy making my album Tracey rang to ask if she and the kids could come through and stay for a couple of days.  I knew I was going to Tauranga on Thursday to visit the Education Resource Centre but it worked out perfectly because they weren’t arriving until at least 5pm.

Toby was super excited to see Auntie and his cousins again!  He’s really missed the kids since we moved back from Gisborne and he spent most of the night following them around and keeping an eye on what they were doing!

Here’s a close up of the second part of the week:RIGHT_1

Mike ended up working a short day on Friday so when he got home by mid morning we decided that it was time to go and get some firewood.  Luckily we still had the big trailer because we ended up doing a couple of loads of wood. 

Then we all headed into town for some lunch.  We decided that Brew would be a good place to try and I had the eggs benedict which was totally delicious.  We definitely enjoyed spending a bit of time eating out as a family and Brew has a brilliant menu for the kids so it was a perfect choice.

After lunch Tracey and the kids headed into the shopping mall to have a look around while Mike and I did a couple of jobs from the ever-growing ‘to do’ list.  While we were at the chemist we spotted a pretty perfume display and I was quite taken with the ‘Kimberly Glitz’ perfume.  It’s a knock off of Kim Kardashian’s Glam perfume.  I haven’t actually seen her Glam perfume but I really like the Glitz one!

On Saturday, Tracey and the kids headed back to Gisborne and Mike and I went shopping for a sofa bed for the family room.  Now that it’s colder and we’re lighting the fire at night it’s quite nice to sit up in the family room to watch TV in front of the fire. 

Mike had to work on Sunday so I went into school for the day.  By 5pm I was totally over it but I still had my big whiteboard to do.  I was trying to create sections using masking and washi tape but my eyes weren’t really seeing straight so Mike came down to help me out.  In the end the board turned out fantastically well and all the lines are straight!

So that was our week.  Lots of interesting little things with plenty of family time as well… it was a perfect end to the school holidays!

I hope you’re all having a fab weekend xx

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