Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Project Life: Week 17

Despite the fact that I have been a very slack blogger lately, I HAVE been taking lots of photos so at least I will be able to catch up again.  For this post I’ve got Week 17 which was April 20th - April 26th. 

Here’s an overview of the week:FULL_1

This week it was all about ANZAC Day!  We started Term 2 at school and it was all go!  We knew we were having a special ceremony on the Friday to commemorate the centenary of the ANZAC military campaign on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey.

Over the school holidays one of the teachers had organised for us to have wooden poppies made for every child in the school.  I brought home my class set along with another set to prime ready for painting.  Mike and I managed to do one side of primer before watching Game of Thrones and then we did the second side afterwards… and it’s true what they say… many hands do make light work because we seemed to have all 60 poppies primed in no time at all!

Here’s a close up of the start of the week:LEFT_1

At Glenholme School we are lucky to have Roz on our staff.  She’s a retired teacher that now works as a teacher aide and her knowledge is amazing!  She often gets called on to help out with running records (for reading) and other testing. 

During the war some of her relations sent home postcards and letters to other family members and they’ve kept them all safe.  Roz brought in her very special folder of family memorabilia along with several medals for the kids to look at… they’re super lucky to have such an amazing lady share her stories with them.

During the week we researched ANZAC soldiers, the history of the poppy, painted poppies and lots of other bits and pieces.  The kids were really immersed in history.

Meanwhile, the only ‘history’ Toby was interested in was the box left over from our pizza dinner!  He could smell the remnants of cheese and proceeded to eat a perfect circle out of the base of the box.  When Mike walked past him after his shower Toby was on guard duty!  He was super protective about ‘his’ pizza box… but it still ended up in the fireplace by the end of the night!

Here’s a look at the rest of the week:RIGHT_1

The kids really enjoyed making poppy flowers out of crepe paper and they turned out fantastically well.  They look beautiful and were actually quite simple to do.

During the week the school leaders made ANZAC cookies to sell to help raise money for their trip to Wellington later on this term.  They took orders every day and then had the cookies ready to sell on Friday… and they were super delicious!

On Friday we had our special ceremony in the morning and it was very moving.  After morning tea each class was able to have a photo taken with our special memorial and it was pretty neat for the kids to see all the poppies laid out together.

Mum got involved in the ANZAC celebrations this year too and spent several hours selling ANZAC cookies over in Tauranga.  Thankfully the newspaper people were there to capture the moment so I was able to get a photo!

Meanwhile Mike got busy in our backyard and cleared up the second tree that he’d felled.  Toby of course had to go with ‘Daddy’ to get rid of the rubbish!  He actually does try to ‘help’ but this generally involves him bringing sticks inside and shredding bark off them all over the carpet!

I’m so pleased that I’ve been documenting what’s been going on in the backyard because it looks really different now compared to when I moved back in December!

So there you have it… Week 17 done and dusted!

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  1. The poppies the kids made are really quite pretty. When they were researching the poppies association with WWI did they come across the poem, In Flanders Field? This poem was written by Canadian Col. John McCrae & this past May 3rd it was the 100th anniversary of the poem being written. Col McCrae is from our area & there are lots of celebration being conducted, along with a dedication of a large bronze statue of him writing this poem from the battlefield. Your yard is really taking on a transformation - well done Mike & Toby. I wonder if Dougel will recognize the place come this December !


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