Sunday, June 14, 2015

Project Life: Week 19

I’ve had a bit of time to catch up with my photos this weekend so here’s my pages for Week 19 May 4th - 10th
This was a really big week because I was away at school camp.  Before I went to camp though I managed to capture a sign at the local shops… at first I couldn’t quite work out WHY this sign stood out to me… and then I noticed the spelling mistake… ooops!

Camp was a real experience… the kids totally loved it although it managed to rain on us (sometimes really heavily) pretty much the whole time we were away.  The first day wasn’t too bad until about 4pm and then from that moment on we were wet constantly.

There were some pretty cool activities for the kids… air rifle shooting, archery, BMX bikes, confidence course, giant swing, abseiling and water slides!

Here’s a close up of the first page:LEFT_1
I will admit that I went up to the platform at the top of the abseiling to take some photos and felt absolutely SICK when I looked down… I moved back down the stairs as quickly as possible!  The kids were super brave!

I’ve never really been one for heights but a few years ago I did the swoop at another school camp.  This year there was a ‘giant swing’ instead.  Basically they put you into a cocoon that’s a bit like a bulky sleeping bag… then they pull on a rope to raise you into the air until it clips onto another rope… then you have to pull the release cord and away you go!

One of my boys REALLY didn’t want to do it but in the end I managed to talk him around and he was super thrilled with himself.  The next minute the parent in charge of his group said I should do it and before I knew it the kids had talked me into it.  I’m not sure who took it (it was definitely one of the kids) but it turns out there is a video of my giant swing adventure:

By the time I came home from camp on the Friday afternoon I was ready for a long, hot shower and a good nights sleep!

On Saturday I had to go to hockey in the morning and then Mike and I took Mum to the home show over in Tauranga.  There wasn’t a whole lot there that we were interested in but Mum did buy herself a cool hose!  We had lunch at Bayfair and then browsed around a few shops before dropping Mum off and heading home. 

On Sunday it was Mother’s Day and Toby REALLY spoilt me!  I woke up to a small present and balloon by the bed which I thought was really sweet… especially when I discovered that they were my favourite chocolates!

I was even more stunned to come out to the dining room to discover a whole table of presents and balloons!  There was even a card… I think Toby may have had Daddy’s help!

Here’s a closer look at the photos:RIGHT_1

The surprises didn’t end there though… Mike took me for a drive to Hamilton and we went out for lunch.  We both love bread and garlic bread is even more of a favourite so we had to have that for our starter and when our mains arrived they were so delicious we got stuck in and forgot all about taking photos until the end.  It really was a great Mothers Day!

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend xx

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