Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Project Life: Week 18

I’ve finally got April done and dusted!  The weeks are rolling by much too quickly!

Here’s an overview of the week - April 27th - May 3rd:FULL_1

Monday 27th was a public holiday so Mike and I headed over to Hamilton for some lunch.  We found a great little café place at The Base and thought we’d try out a couple of items on the Chef’s menu… turns out we should have asked for the prices because our extremely average lunch cost us $71!!!

There were a couple of ups to going to Hamilton though… we spotted a very cool ATM machine supporting the ANZAC Day celebrations and we also discovered a little chocolate shop.  We had quite a lot of fun selecting a few treats and then after having our Wellington chocolates melt on us we promptly sat down outside to eat them!

Here’s a closer look at the start of the week:LEFT_1

Toby has been enjoying some big bones lately.  Mike has discovered a butcher that he likes and he keeps coming home with treats for Toby… which Toby is very happy about!  The only downside is that Toby isn’t quite so ‘sleek and slim’ anymore LOL

I didn’t take as many photos during this week but I had found some cool things as I was traipsing around the internet so they got included in this weeks pages.

I DID manage to get a screen shot of April’s Daily Challenges with Solitaire.  I really love playing cards and the huge advantage playing on the computer is that there’s no cards to pack up and shuffle!  I enjoy the monthly challenges too because there’s lots of variety although some of the ‘expert’ ones have me going insane at times!

Meanwhile the hockey season got underway this week.  I’ve been given a Year 3 and 4 team to coach although it’s been YEARS since I’ve actually played hockey myself.  Thankfully a lovely Mum approached me to say that she’d love to coach the team and run the hockey practices so I’m more like a ‘silent partner’ in the whole process and just go down to watch them play on a Saturday morning.

Here’s a close up of the second part of the week:RIGHT_1

Toby makes the most of weekend mornings when Mike tries to catch a bit more sleep.  He’s quick to make himself comfortable on the bed and snuggle!

The third big tree in our backyard is now cut down!  It’s really opened up the backyard and there’s so much more light coming in now!  Mike loves cutting up all the wood with the chainsaw too!  We’ve got quite a bit of firewood ready for next winter which will be awesome!

In between hockey, Toby and tree cutting we managed to find a shop selling all sorts of products that we haven’t tried before.  It’s one of those discount stores where most things are really close to or just over their expiry date.  We decided to try some grape juice and crackers and they were pretty good.  It certainly made for a nice pick-me-up!

So that was our week and now I’m finally into May LOL  Thank goodness for calendars and dated photos on the camera!

Wishing you all a great week xx

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