Sunday, July 12, 2015

Project Life: Week 25

I’m back again with another week from our life… this time it’s June 15th to June 21st.  Here’s an overview of the week:FULL_1

This week started off with Mike and I coming up with loads of questions based on what was in the local paper so that my news teams could practice for the upcoming competition.  It was definitely easier having both of us working on it together but it still took us a long time.  The effort was worth it though because when I did a time trial with the kids they really got to see what it was going to be like.

After Toby and Mike organising me a new baking pantry we decided we also needed new matching plastic containers to keep all my baking ingredients in.  I really love the teal colour Allyson Gofton used on her Sistema containers so they got the big thumbs up from me… and since we were having all new containers it made sense to label them as well.  We brought a brand new pink label maker and I really like it.  My pantry now looks super efficient and it’s really easy to find everything I need.

Here’s a closer look at the first part of the week:LEFT_1

At school this week our School Leaders all headed away to Wellington.  This was a big reward trip for them and they had a wonderful time.  They visited parliament and got to see the politicians debating (they were particularly unimpressed with John Key’s childish behaviour and it was the first thing they told me about when they got back to school at the end of the week).  They also went in the cable cars, visited Te Papa and went to see Gallipoli: The scale of our war (which they were SUPER IMPRESSED with!)  They had an amazing adventure!

During this week I had a big problem… I got up early in the morning (just like usual), popped my phone in the pocket of my dressing gown before the alarm went off (just like usual), went to the toilet (just like usual)… and then I bumped my pocket somehow and my phone fell into the toilet… most definitely NOT like usual!

I grabbed my phone pretty quickly and only the lower inch of the phone got wet.  I promptly took the phone apart and dried it all off but my phone played up all day.  I had a ‘pink screen of death’ followed by a ‘completely black screen of death’… followed by receiving texts and phone calls but not being able to see or answer them… followed by lots of random calls made by my phone to other people.

In the end I took my phone to Spark after work and I was pretty pleased I had mobile insurance… except it turns out that my insurance was on an old phone and my lovely 18 month old Galaxy S3 had NONE!  Bugger… damn… blast… (and possibly some other words ‘might’ have been going around in my head as well!)

Here’s a closer look at the rest of my week:RIGHT_1

I now have a lovely new phone… with insurance!  I also wait until after I’ve been to the toilet in the morning before I put it into my dressing gown pocket!

This week Mum went up to visit Auntie Daphne and she took some lovely photos of the newest addition to our family.  Chris and Sue completely dote on their wee daughter and she’s such a happy little baby.  Auntie Daphne is in her element as a Grandma and she loves her new role in life!

Meanwhile at home, Mike worked on Saturday and he rang me from work to ask me to go for a ‘date’ with him on Sunday… but he said it was a surprise so I wasn’t allowed to ask any questions.  On Sunday morning I was up, dressed and ready to go at the appointed time and then we headed towards Mount Maunganui.  On the way over I spotted a sign about a ‘Food Show’ and it turns out that was to be our destination.

Mike and I had a great time taste testing lots of different products.  He tried several types of coffee before finding one he really liked.  We tried bread, cheeses, relishes, chocolates, fudge and so much more.  We also bought a few goodies to take home with us and it was a great day out.

So that was our week.  I’ve still got one and a half more weeks on June to go and then I’ll be into July at last. 

I hope you’re all having a great weekend xx

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