Monday, July 13, 2015

Project Life: Week 26

This time I’ve got the last full week of June to share with you.  This is Week 26 - June 22nd to June 28th.  This was a big week full of birthdays… both at school and at home!

Here’s an overview of the week:FULL_1

We always make the most of our ipads at school but this week we’ve been making extra use of them as we worked on some research tasks to do with the Mars Mission.  It was all part of our ‘Think like an Astrologer’ theme this term.

I also had a bit of a catch-up with Mikayla and it was great to hear from her.  She’d just bought herself some new luggage and her cat, Jenny, was very impressed with it!

It was busy at school this week with the build up to the News Team competition.  The kids and I had put a huge effort into preparing and we had another big practice on Monday.  But it was totally worth it!  On the night the kids were entered into the section for schools with a roll between 200 and 400 and they came 1st, 2nd and 4th!  The boys only came 4th by 1 point so we almost had a clean sweep!  Super proud of them!

Here’s a closer look at the start of the week:LEFT_1

On the night of the competition I didn’t have time to go home for dinner so I bought a slice of wood fire pizza from Caprizza Pizzeria and it was super delicious.  You could really taste the toppings… I think I’ll have to take Mike there for dinner sometime.

Maia celebrated her birthday this week and her mother sent her a beautiful gerbera from the florist.  I thought it was a lovely thing to do and Maia definitely felt very special when it arrived.

Shriya’s Mum also decided to buy our class a HUGE slice cake to share.  She bought a coffee and walnut flavour which turned out to be very popular with some of the kids.

After all the birthdays and celebrations at school this week it was finally time for me and Sammy!  My birthday buddy and I share a birthday and it was OUR day on Saturday.  Mike spoilt me with an ice cream maker that fits onto my Kitchen Aid mixer… super pleased with it but I suspect it was bought so that he could be a ‘supportive taste tester’!

Toby might have been following Mike’s lead when it came to birthday presents.  He very proudly presented me with my card and present and waited while I opened it.  He wasn’t interested in the card but he was surprisingly interested in the present… turns out that it was exactly what Toby would like… doggie treats!

Here’s a closer look at the end of the week:RIGHT_1

Sammy had decided that she would really love a dress up party and Uncle Michael was very happy about that!  He insisted that we went down to The Warehouse to look at their ‘onesies’.  He found himself a crocodile outfit that he was just a little too pleased about… and Auntie wasn’t allowed ‘to be as cool as Uncle’… so I got a penguin outfit!

The kids were all dressed up along with my sister, Grandma and Krystal and Chris so we made a pretty good effort for Miss Sammy.  And while we’re talking about good efforts… there were the cakes!

Sammy had asked Grandma if she could please make a ‘monkey’ cake so Mum made loads of bananas and banana leaves… she also made several ‘5’ numbers along with two monkeys to adorn the cake.  She did some hand painting on them and they looked totally amazing and then Sammy cut into the cake:


And look what we found inside… LOVE those colours!DSCN3714

The cake also tasted pretty wonderful because within a few minutes it looked like this:DSCN3719

Sammy really did have a great party and we had a good time wishing each other Happy Birthday!  Meanwhile Mum had also made me a cake but everyone was super full so we took it with us and headed off to our next social event.

On Saturday night it was Mike’s work dinner and we all met up at an Indian restaurant for dinner which was delicious.  When the mains were finished we were all just sitting around enjoying our conversation when a HUGE cake from the Cheesecake Shop appeared and everyone sang me Happy Birthday!  Talk about a surprise!

We ended up taking the rest of the cake home with us as well so by the end of the night we had had more cake than we knew what to do with.  It did make for a lovely celebration though.

So that was our week… I hope you’re week is off to a great start xx

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