Saturday, November 14, 2015

Project Life: Week 38

This is another week with almost no photos taken during the week so it’s more of a ‘what we did this weekend’ kind of thing.  It was a great weekend though because it was Mike’s birthday.

Here’s an overview of Week 38 – September 14th – 20thFULL_1

I’ve made pizza dough for years and I actually like kneading the dough… what I don’t like quite so much is getting the dough started… it’s always sticky and messy and it gets under my fingernails… but not anymore!  I’ve discovered that the Kitchen Aide dough mixer attachment is fantastic!  It makes quick work of turning a few simple ingredients into a super smooth dough in just a matter of minutes.

Mike really wanted some pizzas for his birthday so I got onto making the dough early.  It’s a really great recipe that you can make up to 24 hours ahead of time and it has a ‘sour dough bread’ flavour… very light and crispy!

Here’s a closer look at the left side of the album:LEFT_1

Toby really wanted to get Daddy something different for his birthday and he’s been ‘discussing’ ideas with me so when I found the MAN CAVE sign I knew it would be perfect and Toby really loved it although he did find wrapping to be quite difficult… it’s due to him not having thumbs of course!

Mike was busy on Saturday morning and he got the French doors on the art studio all primed.  They look really fantastic now and hopefully over the summer we’ll get some top coat onto them.

Mike is a bit of a self confessed ‘princess’.  He’s often seen flicking his ‘beautiful golden hair’ around and declaring that he’s gorgeous.  He also goes on about the colour pink and how it’s his favourite of ALL the colours! It’s certainly keeps us all amused that’s for sure! 

Mike is also good at pushing the limits!… in a fun way of course :)  A few months ago Mike kept using the word ‘moist’ in very inappropriate ways. He said it as often as he could and in every situation he could… and he got himself banned from saying it!  It’s become a bit of a joke now… especially with Krystal and Chris.  They often post ‘moist’ jokes onto Mike’s timeline! 

So for his birthday Krystal and I bought a combination of ‘moist’ and ‘princess’ gifts for him.  Krystal made up labels for each item and ‘Princess Michael’ had a wonderful time opening them all up!

We also had to have a ‘Princess Party’ with all Mike’s favourite party food!  Here’s a closer look at the right side of the album:RIGHT_1

We had sausage rolls, little pink cocktail sausages with sauce, chips, nibbles and of course fairy cakes!  Krystal and Chris came and we all sat around wearing party hats. 

Most of the afternoon was spent playing Rummikub although Chris has declined to play with us again because he says we’re all ‘too competitive’!  Is there such a thing as being too competitive at board games???

We had salami,camembert and mozzarella pizzas for dinner along with a few drinks and it was a lovely day.  Mike also received a cool card from Mum:


The inside reads: ain’t for sissies!

On Sunday Mike made us a ‘wardrobe’ in the garage for all our bike gear.  It actually works really well and definitely keeps everything clean and dry.  Toby was very impressed that Daddy put up his ‘Man Cave’ sign straight away as well.

We finished the weekend off with a blackberry sponge for dessert.  We were supposed to have half for dessert on Sunday and half for dessert on Monday but when I got up on Monday morning it was all GONE!  It seems that Mike’s sweet tooth kicked in and he couldn’t possibly resist it.  Oh well… I suppose it is his birthday LOL

So that was our life in Week 38.  Thanks for stopping by xx

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  1. Mike's birthday party is too funny. I agree every Princess needs a tiara & anything pink is perfect. Like the birthday card!


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